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  1. There is no harm sharing how you prefer Mikimoto's older character designs. However how much you 'feel' an original Mikimoto customized color sketch is worth, does not matter at all. Is there a reason why you are routinely sharing your opinions about cels and sketches, when you do not own any? Or do you own any original Mikimoto sketches or drawings? Also do you know how much these sketches are valued at in the modern collectors market? How much do you believe you would need to spend inorder to even obtain an original sketch? Have you done the math to determine how much money you would conservatively need to spend on convention tickets, airfare, lodging, art supplies, just for the 'opportunity' to get an original sketch? Or alternatively how much would you need to spend on raffle tickets, or in bidding wars either for online or live auctions inorder to win an original Mikimoto sketch? Keep in mind Mikimoto does not do custom sketches anymore at cons (if he even attends) and he certainly does not do commissions. So ultimately, your 'input on the creation' of an original Mikimoto sketch amounts to nothing since you do not intend to spend the money to support this project, or will you?
  2. The truth hurts doesn't it? In case you still have not determined the reasons why other collectors elect to call you out on your unethical behaviors, it is because YOU ARE A FREAKING SCALPER! No one likes paying excessively high fees on items that are artificially inflated in price! And as I and other collectors have clearly illustrated previously, YOU PUMP UP PRICES thereby pushing out other interested collectors, and then, attempt to dump the very cels you prevented other collectors from obtaining at reasonable prices. Seriously? You are justifying your actions with horrid reasoning; there is zero accountability or logic being demonstrated. No one is forcing you to buy up Macross artwork with the intention of reselling. And no one is forcing you to pay the proxy service and shipping fees. You are choosing to do so and as I've stated before, you are only helping yourself; you do not care about the cel community whatsoever. If you genuinely want to help the cel community, you can elect to: a) stop bidding up and buying art you have zero intention of keeping (allow others to buy them from the source); b) post a gallery so others can see the items they lost out on; and c) actually do your own research on what it means to be an original art and cel collector and all the responsibilities it entails. So far the majority of your posts on MW in this cel thread involves asking for information and our help, but, without offering anything in return. Does this sound anything like a collector who cares to "contribute" or be a part of a community? You are no longer a newbie collector now since you've probably amassed a collection in the double digits, so how about "giving something back" instead of being a mooch/taker? Lastly, if anyone posted your story on the other cel forums, you would be blacklisted already and banned. Collectors who scalp are despised and ostracized (and rightfully so). So please keep telling yourself blatant lies how what you do is "beneficial" because you charge a reasonable markup of only triple or quadruple the final sale price in Japan. You are unbelievably in major denial over your actions.
  3. Wait lets take a moment to really understand this... so you are buying up Macross art from Japan, and then deliberately flipping them? And you are delusional enough to believe what you are doing is a "service" for people outside of Japan? Unbelievable. You are absolutely NOT creating any service or helping people outside of Japan by hoarding and selling off your scraps. What you are doing is inflating prices and then scalping! So how on earth does this "benefit" other collectors? Do you fail to understand you are the direct cause of the current inflated prices and why other collectors got outbid? When you bid insane prices for artworks you DO NOT raise the value of other artwork existing in collections. All you do is price out other interested buyers. More importantly why are you actively buying up everything in sight, just to sell them off at double and triple the final selling price?! This practice is the definition of scalping! If you really want to allow other collectors the opportunity to buy at "decent prices", how about allowing other collectors the opportunity to bid without your involvement? You got 20+ auctions in ebay right now and many of them were bought recently and relisted for significant markups. You are doing exactly what UTHJ and silverdrago are doing and it is disgusting. Please stop lying that you are helping others, the only person you are helping is yourself.
  4. Do not spend much time anymore less than 10 minutes per day. Got life responsibilities and more important priorities.
  5. Those are some amazing posters. Thanks for sharing. Do you know the distribution count for these?
  6. Major old news you are only five years late. There are valid reasons why that specific drawing went as high as it went if you know anything about anime artwork.
  7. Well it looks like we definitely have a SCALPER in the MW forums pretending to be a honest collector. Ebay user SARALISO is MW user ELRDF and he has been buying up cels online and attempting to resell for markups akin to the practices of well-known and hated scalpers urbantreasurehunterjapan and silvrdrago. Currently he has 20 Macross cels on ebay and the majority were purchased within the last nine months. He claims he "has to resell" to offset costs and that "he does not want to". Do not be fooled and do not support this scalper who only joined MW to pump the community for information and take advantage of the MW community.
  8. Hm interesting perspectives. Couldn't Jon rule with Dany? Why does it have to be just one ruler? Partnerships help balance each other. So while Dany wants to be loved as a ruler, just because others love Jon does not mean she still could not be a good ruler.
  9. Honestly this is all Jons fault. Dude should learn to STFU especially when begged by the supposed love of his life. What an effin moron.!!! Did he even think?! What did he think would happen after opening his big f'g mouth? Shiiit. And does anyone else think he is LARGELY responsible for the disasters that resulted? It all started with his stupidity IMHO. It is only natural that Dany respond the way she did after Jon "stopped" kissing her. Again, his choice, his fault.
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