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Wave 1:100 VF-1S kit (completed)


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Finished my Wave 1/100 scale VF-1S! This was a relatively quick build (for me). About 2 months from start to finish.

The buildup of this kit is relatively easy. It’s mostly snap-fit. Some parts do require glue however. The fit is decent but not quite to the level of Bandai gunpla precision. I would suggest that in some areas, the snap-fit pins should be cut off entirely and instead the parts be glued together. I did not do this and thus some areas on my build got a bit gappy.

Made a slight change to the main landing gear covers. I’m a leg man and I wanted the main landing gear legs to show. :)

The main color is Model Master Light Gray (FS36495) enamel that was brush painted on. Tamiya Gunmetal (TS-38) was used for the foot thrusters. Tamiya TS-6 for the black part on the tailfins, the gun, and parts of the wing stripe.

I had problems with the decals. I don’t know why but they were constantly cracking or breaking apart while I was adjusting the placement. I then learned that Gunze’s Topcoat doesn’t quite seal the decals like Tamiya’s TS-80. The decals were flaking off on my fingers! I found out that the best way to deal with this was to apply a thin coating of Topcoat to the decal, then apply Microset, then apply another coat of Topcoat.

I pretty much had to paint much of the black wing stripes after they crumbled off. I was real lucky that the UN Spacy kite survived. Also, some of the decals like those for the tailfins and ventral fins were poor fitting. They just didn’t line up at all. I made a mess out of the ventral fins. After that, I decided to simply paint the tailfins.

That all said, I like the details and the sculpt is excellent. It’s a modern kit and definitely several steps above the old 1/100 Arii. Save for the decals, it’s a relatively easy kit to complete. The scale goes great with Gundams and other sci-fi mecha models.

And now for some pics. I hope I'm not posting too many.






Next to the old Arii kit that I built several years ago





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You did a flawless job on the kit, especially with the brush painting.

Regarding the model, I think that Wave has done better work in the past and considering that the price of this kit is almost that of the Hase 1/72, they're not doing the franchise a favor.

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Great job Vifam! There is a BIG difference in the sculpts, details AND decals between the two! Actually great job on both! - MT

Big difference in age too! :lol:

That Arii kit came out like 30 years ago! There was a 1/100 scale non-super packed transformable model by Arii back then too. I've never been able to find one though.

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It will require glue and painting.

Check the icons in the 'assembly guide' of the listing.

Build a 1/100 VF-1S Gerwalk from them using a Battroid and Fighter kit, each kit has a few of the needed parts for that. You can swap them out to display one if the 3 modes.

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