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Something is wrong at the SyFy channel


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They actually have a whole slew of SciFi titles in development...

A bunch of series, many with spaceships (and most of them at least sound interesting to me)


And two Miniseries I am looking forward to seeing as well.


Of course, being SyFy, I am prepared for disappointment...

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Nothing is wrong. Syfy holds the right to automatically cancel or sh!tcan anything that may unintentionally be a quality product.

I'd be too afraid to start watching anything on SyFy these days just knowing that if I start to like something, it'll probably get the axe!

That happened to me on SGU *teeth gnash*

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Was it SyFy that did the version of Flash Gordon with NO SPACESHIPS!!??

Yup, and the "HawkMen" wore plastic garbage bag wings or some such nonsense. (I'm not sure, I stopped watching after the second episode and only caught a glimpse here and there)

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I hate they no longer do their Ani-Monday block anymore on Monday nights. I at least got to see Gundam 00, some Gurren Lagann, and Macross Plus.

I still remember their Saturday Morning Animes. Of course, that was back during the days of the FTL Newsfeed, long before they changed their name to look like slang for syphilis.
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I didn't want to start a whole new thread for Defiance, so I thought this was as good a place as any to post about this new Syfy series.

So, was anyone else who happend to catch the 2 hour premier episode as thoroughly bored with it as I was? I mean, this thing is dull, and considering all the hype and specials and build-up they gave the series prior to launch, having it be about as entertaining as watching paint dry is getting really close to committing a capital offence in my book; not only that, but it felt, to me, like a mish-mash of Falling Skies, Terra Nova, Earth Final Conflict, and Alien Nation... I may give it one or two more episodes to see if it gets a solid footing and at least a bit interesting, otherwise, like most Syfy Network fare, I'll just ignore it.

Other than Continuum and Being Human currently(never cared for Warehouse 13, Eureka, or any number of other projects they've thrown at audiences), and SG1/SGA/SGU, there hasn't been anything even remotely good on that Network since BSG finished its run... what a wasteland.

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