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  1. I seen DR strange this week and does this movie take place during "Iron Man Two" or CA:Civil War", Or is SItwell's Steven Strange name drop from Winter soldier just a aberration.
  2. I always liked the Faded paint jobs on Russian planes.
  3. I just finished the book it was interesting it had many things about the production of Star wars I was not aware of.
  4. Has any one read any of Carrie Fisher's other Books?
  5. I got a new Cat last night and its already shot down my SV-51 mass production type lost a elevator and one of my canards.
  6. What is wrong with the nozzles on the F-14 model? From what I understand the Iranians ran out of usable AIM-54s during the Iran/Iraq war, and supposedly Jerry-rigged Hawk missiles to launch from the F-14s.
  7. Sorry for using a thread for somthing other than its stated topic. Is the X-Box1 Blue Ray player able to play HD BR/4K disks.
  8. I was able to watch it at my sister, and it seamed like the hole was a almost non issue sorry.
  9. You still have to put your Cable provider into the sight and if you don't have XD they wont let you watch it.
  10. Now I have do decide if waiting a few weeks for them to show Rebels on regular Disney is worth it or just find it on a questionable part of the internet.
  11. They better not make Higgins and Mag best friends/Partners like they did Jack Dalton in Mac giver remake. Speakind of TV clasic remakes did any one catch the CGI/Ghost of Jack lord haunting Steve Margarett of H-50 last night?
  12. I'm sorry if i am making light of the death, but a U-2 cruising altitude in 60+thousand feet.
  13. Anyone know anything about The accident at Cap Canaveral with SpaceX Falcon 9?
  14. DO they know if the Airship can be repaired without bankrupting the company.
  15. I swear Gene Wilder had passed several years ago and thought this was a FaceBook rehash of a Celebrity death.
  16. Are you talking about the missile that sits above the "Welcome home" sign/display?
  17. I just tried to start playing STO with the new content "AGents of Yesterday" and I can't get through the first mission cant distribute the stupid PHASERS.
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