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Bandai S.H. Monsterarts Vajra


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OK, looking at the RVF-25 thread, its position & where the wingtip is here, this Vajra looks about 1/2 to 2/3 as tall as a 1/60 VF-25. So 1/100-ish? Hope the price is good, b/c I really want this and that CF-171!

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All we have to go on right now is the size of the other figures in the line they're releasing this in, which is about 15-16 cm, or about 6 inches. That doesn't guarantee this figure will be that small, but until we know more it's a pretty good baseline, and that gives us an approximate 1/100 scale, give or take. Which would scale perfectly with the Bandai's Robot Damashii line, and I suspect that's their intention.

I would love a larger figure but my hopes aren't too high at the moment. From context it LOOKS fairly small, if we can judge by the DX chogokin figures just out of frame.

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The other S.H.Monsterarts figures that have been released all seem to hover around the 6000-8000 yen mark. Honestly, I'd be happy to see it cost more than that if it means there's a chance it'd scale better with the larger Frontier stuff we've got... But I suspect that to be a pipedream.

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