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Meh, i enjoy watching the silly trio. I loved ep 2. A combination of The edge of tomorrow and Groundhog day. I loved it, and while they are escaping they still managed to review the Audi S8. So far to me it is 3 out of 3. It is a comedy show, and a chemistry thing. They just get a kick out of making it, and i get a kick out of watching it.

3 middle aged men falling over a lot. I'm silly and I enjoy the simple things in life.

Oh, and BTW, R O C K E T :wub:

We are middle aged, they are seniors.

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Try opening up a debate on how to properly pronounce Countach. No one will agree on one answer.

I was very wrong for years. But I was also very young then. I know better now.

Murcielago though----even those who KNOW still seem to get it wrong.

Also----the "Hurricane". :D

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I'd love to give an autonomous car a go and see what its like letting the car do the driving! im not sure the Tesla's sold down here in Australia are allowed that function as yet.. but I might ask a dealer about it!

Maybe 20 years ago (or longer than that) they were talking about automating just the highways and I still think that's the way to go, sit back take a nap and when it's time for the off ramp the car wakes you up and off you go. Automated driving in cities is asking for trouble but maybe one day it will be viable.

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