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Character Art Appreciation Thread III


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is from the pachinko game http://www.youtube.c...d&v=QunN-z2EIaE

It's footage from the pachinko game.

Thanks both of you, I thought that it might have come from a game, now I know it's that one. The animations looks new and fresh.

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Found some nice Macross pic from Danbooru

Nice pics. The first pic, of the VF-25, was that originally a real-life Hornet pic (based on the Landing Gear), then lovingly photoshopped. The only thing really wrong with that pic, is that a VF-25 with Super Armor Packs like that, parked on deck, would have a BILLION Remove-Before-Flight pins installed all over the airframe LOL. but what ever, its my back ground now ;)
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