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Character Art Appreciation Thread III


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the 2nd one doesnt look specificlly like Hikky and Misa but... still looks tat-worthy. really impressive angst expressions...

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What on earth is that supposed to be lol...looks like Katamari rolled his way through a Aircraft boneyard.

i see the sand filters and rotors for a H-53 at the very least...

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It's not, someone decided to make something related to the VF1 test. Look carefully and you'll see the front of what seems to be a eurofighter for the legs.

those are saab gripen's. the cockpit is also one. The two nose cones I think are from an F-16. It's also got an M2 .50 caliber machine gun and two AS-50 sniper rifles for arms.
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has anyone seen this guy before? because he's kind of awesome:





Hm, I watched some on the MW's Facebook page. Has someone said hello to the painter? Had better do it imo.

P.S. Some English comments on his page! I like them. :)

P.S. anime52k8, I also am a Pixiv member, so I can watch those pictures. But non-members may not be able to watch them...

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And that is the proper response when your loved one is all wishy-washy about whom he'll choose. Ranka is putting her Zentradi heritage to good use here.

I like the Misa pic. The hoodie is a nice touch.

When I see Klan I cannot help but thinking it makes her a contender for 'biggest butt in the known universe' but I suppose it would be necessary to balance her impressive frontal proportions.

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