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Macross General SCOOPUDA thread


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While I've yet to read the whole chapter, I have to say I'm skeptical. After waiting months for more FIRST we get...a prequel chapter? The lack of direction to the manga, the constant delays, plus comments from Mikimoto indicating that he doesnt know if it will even get to episode 27, let alone material after that point...I'm more than a little concerned for the future of the title.


But hey, at least Fortissimo had some Lovely Bomber ;-)


All that Mikimoto and company had to do was a manga adaptation of the sdf story. <_<

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Newtype Ace 2013 Vol. 18

Macross Content:

NA Anime Station
- Upcoming releases of FB7 and Macross 30

Game Scoop section
- Macross 30: "big" announcement is the rollout of the YF-30 Chronos and a YF-29 with Ozuma colouring.

Macross FF

... and the YF-29 makes an appearance. I really dig this manga artist; excellent character art and panel composition, and now, handles mecha art really well, to boot!

Macross the First: Tales of South Ataria
I'm getting the feeling that it's building up to something neat. I'm also finding the "and this is what our heroes were doing on the eve of the SDF-1's launch" refreshingly new.

Octos Action
Daedalus cruising
Seahawk transporting (but what about the Sea Sergeant, you ask. Well, despite the Seahawk appearing in M0, I don't think we ever saw the interior of the Sea Sergeant's passenger compartment. So, I'll give HAL a break)
VF-0 squadron overflight (VF-0s? On South Ataria Island? !)
VC-27 Tunny and F-203 Dragon II emblems on the flight control screens (confirmation that the latter hasn't been forgotten with all the revisions to the Macross timeline).
... and (surprise surprise), at least 1 SV-51 preparing to launch vertically from inside of a natural gas transport freighter.

Mecha-fest aside, what I really dig are the character developments. Sure, aside from Misa, it's all supporting characters, but the more they are developed, the better, I say).
Fokker is still the man. A Heineken man.
Shammy kick's ass as an air traffic controller - to the point that pilots refer to her as: "Shammy - everyone's killer". And for good reason, having planes pass within 20 m of each other!?!
... and my favourite, Misa teasing Fokker about Claudia having a date with someone else on Christmas eve. Which reminds me of something about Claudia doing the same thing the eve before the Macross Space Launch.

Next issue:
Macross the First
Macross FF

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There's will be a novelisation of the game Macross 30 by Kodachi Ukyô (Novels of Macross F, Macross The Ride and the scenario of Macross 30).


Already announced about 1 and a half months back: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=30860&p=1011117

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I can't read jpn but does it say if the bomber members or part of fukuyama's band visit there often?

Yes, he came to the shop but it didn't open, so he just signed his autograph on the billboard after the concert.

A couple days ago, as the shop blog said, the first foreign guests came from Taiwan. I wonder how they knew the shop.

You had better go with a Japanese speaker.

Gubaba, about Fire bomBar thing.

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Found this:


A whole book on "Famous Macross Quotes". I don't know how you can fill a whole book and still only cover the three TV series (no Plus or Zero)... Hmm.

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...Or Macross II, either!! It only mentions the three TV shows. Obviously they will release a whole volume on MacII and Clash of my Bionoid. "MASH, IT'S HIBIKI ON DA PHOOONE" "THE MAYOR!"

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