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  1. Can't wait to see some properly scaled 1/72 dioramas with regular 1/72 Valks. So rare to see pics of Glaugs and Monsters properly scaled with Valks. People never realize how friggin big they are. And if you are attempting to "sneak in" a 1/72 Monster without your wife noticing... um... that might not be the best plan.
  2. You can hear it pretty clearly in the song itself, since it's sung very slowly at this point. Yeah I assume there would be quite a bit of violent thrashing knocking water away in the last few moments of the tuna's confused and strange end.
  3. Question: Does anyone have any information on the Valkyrie craft compliment maximums of the SMS light carrier Gefion from Macross 30? (I know you can fit limitless number of Valks in the game, heh) Just wondered if there was any design info or specs out there. Light carriers are pretty cool, big enough to have as a base, small enough to be pirates or mercenaries.
  4. I wanted to add in that Ranshe Mei's research into the Vajira "language" seems to have inspired Ranka's name: "Ranka" is actually a word in the true version of the Aimo song. Makes sense, that was the research she was working on while preg, and what she sang to her all the time as a toddler. (Guessing from the song translation I would say Ranka means "hope"?? Just a guess tho.)
  5. DYRL ending: original theatrical vs later post Flashback 2012 release. I know the Angel's colors concert video during the credits is "new", but is the "Silent forgiveness" scene between Minmay and Misa "new" also? (Minmay relaxes, turns around, hold up Misa's translation, Misa smiles and makes "Oh no no, you," motion and bows a tiny bit, Minmay smiles ect) Did the original movie just end after the statement of hope about one song bringing all this change from Britai?
  6. Yes she was dealing with all the other stuff, and still made the hard choices and tried to do what needed to be done. You don't "run away" by spacefolding into unknown hostile alien territory. Her intentions are clearly stated, by her, in ep 23. She went there to stop the war, and she broke up with Alto to do it. She specifically used past tense of love when she left. (And you are using Alto disapproving of her leaving as a reason for her leaving??? Wat?) This is Macross. You know, the series about ending war in some way with music and culture? But if you want to ignore the entire concept and point of the Macross universe and character hate, sure, go ahead an interpret it that way instead. Elmo Vector. Resources? The man is a small time failure. Still loveable and hilarious though. If he had "resources to make it happen anyway" she wouldn't be dressed as a friggin carrot. When she decides to personally lure the Vajira to a fold bomb, without being directly asked, she volunteers and does it no complaining or indecision. Then she makes a personal effort to end the war. Then does so in Episode 25. Hardly "broken". Now you are really stretching and just trying to use the word "manufactured" in a sentence to make your point. The song was the Vajira mating song that Ranshe Mei was translating. She named Ranka after a word in the song. So I guess Minmay is a "manufactured idol" because "Ai Oboete Imasuka" is a "manufactured protoculture" song? This is ridiculous. You hate Ranka? That's fine. Please don't lose sight of what Macross is about though. It's more than just the characters.
  7. Did you miss the part where she gave up on Alto, left her family, & safety to attempt to stop the needless war (& Illegal per NUNS) in ep 21 and explained by her in ep 23? I wouldn't exactly call that "self centered". I don't blame you, it's easy to miss - but it is the heart of the series. Ranka is a manufactured Idol? You kidding? So the Mr Vector of the one man operation "Vector productions" that bums around the mall in tacky clothes and begs on his hands and knees, gets her those great roles and gigs with his power and funding such as: "Carrot" at the prestigous venue of "Vegtable stand", Passing out tissues at the Mall, personally asking people to please buy her music, and "Island girl #3" in a movie No, Ranka worked her butt off - and got noticed for her talent by a small time agent that couldn't manufacture a star if he wanted to. Orininal fame, fame from the ep 12 air concert, and lead roles in the movie came from her singing talent alone. Not from artificial backing. While Sheryl started as a child dying in an alley, an immortal cyborg researcher with the resources of an entire colony fleet picks her out, picks her up, injects her with stuff, THEN has her sing in the big leauges for Grace's own ends with Grace backing her finacially. That would be manufactured.
  8. I vaguely remember a Kawamori quote regarding DYRL/SDF continuity/canon differences; something like "The truth is somewhere in between" or some other such cop-out, er phrasing. Can anyone provide me with the exact quote or interview? Thanks!
  9. About to buy one of these kits myself. How is the poseability on these? Any other tips on finishing or small problems you had with the build? Thanks for posting the pics.
  10. Macross Frontier is making a big impact with it's broad appeal and high production quality, and a decent number of new MF fans are going back to watch the old stuff. Some of those will be our new generation of Macross fans. I haven't watched it, but I wonder if Shouji Kawamori's AKB0048 will have a weird indirect impact on Macross fandom. Could some fans of that go from "super cute music saving everybody sci-fi" to "serious music saves everybody sci-fi"? Possibly checking out what else Kawamori has done? The question is, will those fans stick around here when they see what a bunch of old fuddy duddy love triangle haters we are?
  11. Nice! I was there, still have that booklet stowed away. Yep, too bad it was super cheap.
  12. While the colony in 7 is decent, I just wanted to portray the fact that the Mac 7 colonists regularly left the main ship for other entertainment (At external entertainment ships) and that it did have slum areas. Not saying that City 7 was a hell hole, but averaged out Frontier seems nicer with less complaints from the average citizen (Miria, are you behind those stacks of papers?) And a larger more self sustaining design.
  13. Oooh! Yen/dollar predictor! I needed that; thanks for the link. Also, CD Japan preorders: If you pay with PayPal, they take it immediately. If you use credit card, they take it when the item comes in, so you can play the currency market that way too.
  14. Agreed. Zero wouldn't mean quite as much if you watch that first. Azrael has the best option for if you want to watch everything. We have another similar thread active with new fan viewing opinions and order (lots of differing opinions!) going on you may want to check out for further input on this: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=38683 Don't forget to share what you enjoy and impressions with all us old timers. It's great to hear about new fans enjoying things for the first time. I just typed the below up quick like. If anyone has a better version of a simple timeline, share it. Timeline, shows in bold text: 1999 Macross crashes to earth 2008 Some alien tech is incorporated into human tech, small scale fusion reaction engines not yet in Valks Macross Zero 2009 Macross finishes refit, launches Macross SDF TV Macross DYRL movie 2012 Macross Flashback 2012 special (basically a music video. Hikaru, Minmay, and Misa leave on the Megaroad-01 colony ship, and "go off into the sunset") 2040 Human planetary colonization is widespread from use of short term emigration ships. (decent, but wouldn't want to live for years on one) Macross Plus 2045 Full fledged Colony fleets now common, and become much more livable on a near permanent basis Macross 7 2059 Colony fleets are wonderful to live in on a permanent basis. Some young adults have lived their entire lives inside colonies. Macross Frontier (refers to Zero, SDF, DYRL, barely refers to Plus, does not really refer to Macross 7) Macross Frontier Movies 1 & 2 (overlaps with TV series, but watch the TV first) Macross 2 - not canon, creators basically say it didn't happen. Watch it if you run out of stuff to watch. --- Frontier somewhat refers to Zero, so do try to watch Zero before Frontier. Not a huge deal tho. Frontier is also a perfectly viable way to start watching Macross, as it is a high quality full stand alone series with stuff for everyone and all tastes to enjoy. Not a good start option for true Macross fans of course (You would watch everything, duh), but might be viable for modern picky anime fans that can't deal with older animation. Once they fall in love with the Macross universe, they can go back and watch older stuff.
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