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Macross General SCOOPUDA thread


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Is that a missile rack above its head in battroid??

BTW, nice find with the larger res images :)

OK, we've been discussing this valk for weeks now in various sections here:




and here:


Maybe your question would be better asked in any of those topics, so as not to disturb the flow of information here?

EDIT: Hey I just noticed your post count is 4325 and mine is 4235! That's a pretty cool coincidence! :)

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Newtype Ace 2013.02 Vol. 17

First up: price is ¥600 (usually ¥580). Now, is that because it's including a Code Geese picture-drama DVD?

Macross is back with a vengeance this issue.

Pg 7

NA Anime Station

SDF Macross

Books: "Weekly Macross Chronicle" from 01.15. First issue includes a binder present; price ¥290 (including tax, for the 1st special issue)

Game: "Macross 30 ~the voice that connects the galaxy~". On sale from 02.28.

DVD&BD: Macross 7 Blu-ray Box Complete FIRE 1: now on sale (produced for a limited time)

EVENT: "Macross Super Dimensional Exhibition ~the lure of the Valkyrie~. Continuing until 01.15.

Pg 177

"Weekly Macross Chronicle New and Improved Edition" ad.

Pg 178-179

Macross Ace Plus

1 & 3/4 pages of Macross 30 pluggage.

Introduces the YF-30 Chronos with the question: "what are the abilities of this aircraft?" (alas, no new pictures). Other blurbs include a YF-25, VF-25 and YF-29. Headlines are "historical characters from the series and original characters", and "if you want to use this kind of markings, you can have your own Ita-Valkyrie*"

* Lit: painful Valkyrie. You know, ugly pop art graphics instead of the normal fighter jet paint.

1/4 page on the Perfect Transformation VF-1 Valkyrie; described as a "30th anniversary plastic model".


Macross the First

Title page is of Lynn Minmei saluting on the UN Spacy kite. Behind her is (drum roll):

"Tales of South Ataria Island" Phase 1

Special volume #1

On the eve of the Macross Space Launch... there was a battle on South Ataria Island that people don't know about...


starts with a sub, the Kurilsk, an Anti-Unification Alliance Improved Akura class Submarine (yay, M0 AUA uniforms!)... following the SLV-III (yay! note: text uses Roman numerals, so it looks like SLV-3 most of the time), in the semi-submerged landing craft's baffles (?!?!? MtF goes sub warfare technical!)

The SLV-III (3? 111?) is transporting a VIP, Captain Gloval, from Hawai'i to South Ataria Island. The AUA sub slipped into it's baffles to carry out an attack on (and the sub's captain makes a point of pointing it out to a subordinate) the ASS-1!

The SLV-III captain calls Gloval to the bridge to tell them about a strange noise they detected behind the ship, and Gloval immediately clues in that it's cavitation noise from an Improved Akura class (Gloval is awesome. Subwarfare Macross more so). He even goes on to complain that the San Marco (!?! name droppage for the win!) employed that tactic on numerous occasions.

Long story short, Captain Gloval gets the SLV-III's captain to blow a hole in the back of the ship (that or their aim was really bad), and got the SLV-III to do something akin to a body flip on top of the AUA sub (?!?! Gloval is bad ass.)

The AUA sub is crushed in half, and the 3 OCTOS (!!! pure win this issue) that were catching a ride under it continue on toward their target under the SLV-3, er, III.

The SLV-III arrives at South Ataria Island and... we end on an announcement that the story continues (and expands!) next issue.

I have to say, submarine warfare works EXTREMELY well in manga form. Much better than Valkyrie combat.

end spoiler

Macross Fortissimo #.3 (back half)

Ranka, her brother, Sheryl reviving with Aruto, Ozuma and Klan dressed up like Fire Bomber. Fun? (Haven't read it at the time of writing.)

Other manga:

No Yamato 2199 (lame!), nor Koukaku Pandora (good. Need a break from that. 'cuse me, but my memory isn't short term!)

Next issue (releasing 02.09, Saturday):

Macross the First

Macross FF

Yamato 2199

Koukaku Pandora (meh)

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Bright Noa Story (tentative) (? doing a Spock eyebrow impression here)

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While I've yet to read the whole chapter, I have to say I'm skeptical. After waiting months for more FIRST we get...a prequel chapter? The lack of direction to the manga, the constant delays, plus comments from Mikimoto indicating that he doesnt know if it will even get to episode 27, let alone material after that point...I'm more than a little concerned for the future of the title.


But hey, at least Fortissimo had some Lovely Bomber ;-)


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Macross Chronicle Newly Revised Edition 01 is OUT.

Let me tell you, it's great going to the bookstore and seeing a big stack of Macross on the new releases counter once more.

That said...


- Cheap binder (included with the first issue. Supplementary 2 for ¥590. It's a steal compared to the first run)

- Dedicated binders for all sections (that previous catch-all divider, what was it? Special Sheet is gone. We gets Mechanic, Character, Timeline, History, Technology, Worldguide, Glossary, Episode, Heroine Gallery, Gallery, Song, and Goods.)

- expanded series categories: Zero (M0), M (SDFM), Plus (OVA & Movie), FB (Flashback), 7 (M7), 7銀 (M7 Movie), D7 (MD7), F (MF), FB7 (same), 愛 (SDFM:DYRL?), 劇F (theatrical MF, both movies), II (M2), 他 (game productions, etc.) I'm pleasantly surprised at this last one.

- Rearranged use of Tenjin-san's art in unexpected places (for example: a foldout poster with 52 of the paintings on it)

- we have approx. 1/4 of the content already translated into English!


- about 1/2 the content is recycled, and at a quick glance, it doesn't look like the text has been changed.

Discussion thread: http://www.macrosswo...dpost&p=1015181

EDIT: Issue #2 due out 2013.01.29 (2 weeks from now), with subsequent issues following weekly.

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The secret of "Kyoto" was revealed.


Oshare Macross is held at Kyoto Marui.


It had been famous that Marui had never opened its branch stores in Western Japan because the Kansai residents had used to be said that they didn't like to use their own credit cards. Even many men/ women who didn't have such cards existed. What they believed were cash transactions; it comes from its merchant culture in Kansai.

But now there are 3 Marui stores. Hmm, times have changed...

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Oshare Macross is held at Kyoto Marui.

I was just there two weeks ago! (see first piccies here: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=37873&view=findpost&p=1014703 )

The lame thing is that it's only going to be there for 1 week.



PS I still think of that building as the Hankyu Department store...

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Dengeki Hobby March 2013

First up, it's the 200th issue. Due to that, there's a lot more reader presents available:

- signed Dengeki 20th Anniversary VF-19ACTIVE Nothung illustration by Tenjin Hidetaka (only 1 available, IN THE WORLD)

- 3 Yamato VF-4 Lightning III. Yes, THREE available as prizes. Alas, no Macross kits got into their top 10 all-time best scratch builds over the past 14 years of publishing, but there was a congratulatory comment from Big West (no Macross pluggage, if you're asking).

Macross coverage this month is... underwhelming. Last month's magazine indicated big news... but what we get is:

1.5 pgs on Macross 30 ~ the singing voice that connects the galaxy~

I believe we've seen all the pictures before - though, I can't remember if the VF-19S (blue, diamond force colouring) has been mentioned before.

Otherwise, we get 1/3 page tall picts of 6 of the game's original characters (don't remember the scowling grey-haired NUNS special forces commander...)

All 3 views of the YF-30 (nothing new. Same ones as have been available everywhere since like last month), along with the model (that I took oodles of pictures of at the M:SDE).

Of course they mention that next month's issue will have a commemorative article on the game's release (snore).

0.5 pgs:

"Metal Boy" VF-1S

MB-23 VF-1S Super Valkyrie

about 120 mm tall. 44 parts total

¥12,000 (tax included), advance sales at Feb 10's Wonder Festival.

Seller: Metal Box

Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.

Picts from the the 2nd and 3rd issues. What's interesting is the new rendition of the VF-19 Kai w/ Basara standing in it's open cockpit and YF-19 w/ Super Parts.

1 pg - Bandai 1/72 Perfect Transformation VF-1

Looks like they've refined the CAD designs for fighter and battroid, but no GERWALK picts as yet. They've reused the same temp (test?) fighter/battroid moulds that have been kicking around for the past few months... the blurbs say:

next issue will maybe have the reveal of the transformation system, and that a Strike Pack is under development (note that it's the VF-1J version, and the pack blurb suggests a possibility of A and S versions being in the works).

1 pg DX Chougoikin VF-171 Nightmare Plus (standard craft)

Really sweet looking. Anyhow, specs:

Height: 250 mm

Materials: ABS, Diecast, PVC

Set contents: the toy itself, gun pod, pilot figure (standard soldier), 3 kinds of exchangeable hands for both the right and left, stand

price: ¥14,700 (tax included)

planned release from about the middle of April

Seller: Bandai Collectors division

... and that's all she wrote. There's some nice pictures accompanying the Yamato 2199 TV broadcast announcement, and they have nice pics of a buildup of the 1/1000 "Great Imperial Garmillas Astro Fleet Garmillas Warships" set.

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I believe it's one of those raffle things so we won't know who gets it until next month or so -- Sketchley might still win it. :)

Nah, I'm going to try my luck with the VF-4 'cuz I figure the odds are better. Of course, everyone else might be doing that, so going for the signed illustration might be better odds...

argh! Logic loop!

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Trailer for the DVD/BD release of FB7:


The Macross seminar specials will be reposted twice a week on the official Macross 30 site (every Tue and Fri JPN time). Each one will have a bit of footage from Macross 30 added.

The first special, which is an introduction to Macross 30, can be found here:


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Trailer for the DVD/BD release of FB7:


No need to watch the movie now!

Hey, look at the end clip. They actually used a VF-11MAXL and VF-19kai. I seem to recall at least the MAXL was a redecorated VF-25 or something originally. Maybe they re-did the CG models. If so... JUST GIVE US NEW MAC7 ANIMATION RAWR RAWR RAAWWGH

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