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1/72 Moscato's Phalanx


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Hi guys. Here is my latest build, the Moscato's Phalanx. I added some weathering efects, like chips and pigments. It's my first time doing this, so I hope do you like it.

Also, I use some decals designed by myself, I changed the missiles to get a more "full capacity" look, and I made some modifications, like closing/opening hatch, missile doors and chest, to see inside the cockpit.

Any opinion wiil be well received.











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That looks excellent. Wonderful weathering. Looks like the salt method to me and he used a fine grain popcorn salt on it. I still have yet to try that one myself.

Base color seems to be either tamiya dark yellow or a desert yellow.

Im still waiting for someone else to use the optional head on it. Im still the only one so far. I also did the rare Daicon girl blue one.

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Wow! Thank you guys for your support and kind comments.

Prometheum 5:

You're right, in the picture is very obvious, so I'll fix it.

PetarB / ce25254:

I did the chips with a sponge and enamel paints. First, with the same base color, cleared with a little amount of white, and above, smaller chips with gunmetal. Unfortunately, in these pics, the clearer chips don't see it.

After, I use some pigments, like "Industrial City Dirt" in the main body, "Concrete", in the feet (these are Mig Pigments), and "Soot" (Tamiya).

Yes, the upper hatch is hinged. I made it using syringe needles. I also use this idea in the missile doors of Tomahawk. You will see it soon.


Good eye!! Yes, i's the Dodge Pickup from Walker Texas Ranger. But, judging by the dimensions of a real pickup, this Johnny Lightning model it's closer to 1/72 scale... not 1/87. You know, these car models are "non-scale", because it have always the same size, no matter if is a truck or a Mini Cooper.


The base color it's Model Master 2137 (British Gulf Armor Light Stone). See my answer in the topic of Tomahawk Arii's Pinup.


That's pinup appears in the Macross Modeling Book. I just restored a little.

Rouge Trooper:

That's a custom "Air Defense" Vehicle. I just only added some Macross decals. You can watch more pics in the following topic:


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Your modelling skills have reached the master's level I think! That baby is awesome!!

She looks well used and worn, but not worn out, broken down or neglected. Fantastic job and inspirational pics!

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