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Macross Frontier Episode 13 Talkback Thread *READ 1st Post*


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Welcome to the Macross Frontier Episode 13 Talkback Thread

Previous Episode threads:

Episode 7: "First Attack"

Episode 8: "High School Queen"

Episode 9: "Friendly Fire" + OST vol. 1

Episode 10: "Legend of Zero" + OST vol. 1

Episode 11: "Missing Birthday" + Seikan Hikou" (Megumi Nakajima/Ranka Lee debut single)

Episode 12: "Fastest Delivery"


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  • This thread only covers the episode listed in the subject. Do not post comments about another episode not covered by this thread. (i.e. References are OK, but do not post a critique about episode 1 when this thread covers episode 999).
  • This thread(s) is about current episodes only. Please reserve mecha talk to the Mecha Thread and news for the News Thread. Do not cross-post.
  • Please reserve all talk about future episode spoilers (i.e. rumors or magazine scans of future episodes) for the News thread. Previews for the next week's episode are excluded from this rule.
  • Do not ask when an episode will be aired or released (this includes fansubs).
  • Please use spoiler tags for the first 12-hours after an episode airs.
  • For summaries and screenshots, please check out Random Curiosity's Anime Blog (Please remember, no image linking from that blog. Text links only.) :)


  • Raw: 480x270 WMV (you download this why?), 1280x720 DivX 6.8.3 AVI, 1440x1080 X264 MP4, 1280x720 x264 MP4, 704x396 DivX6.​8 AVI
  • Subtitled:

    • Chinese: [FREEWIND] 840x480 RMVB
    • English: [Kei] 1280x720 MKV + 704x400 Xvid + .ASS script, [gg] MKV (+ modified 1440x1080 h264 AAC MKV), [Lunar] 1280x720 MKV + 704x400 AVI
    • Spanish: [WZF] 840x480 x264 AAC MP4

Episode download links

General sites (Raws and subtitled, but mostly Raws)

Subtitled versions


Thread and poll opens at Thursday (7/03), 12:25PM EST/9:25AM PST (25:25 JST)

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Chilly around here isn't it?


History Lesson time!


KK-fanboys will love this one


need a lift?


Dog ears again


Anybody want a cold shower?


And comes the talk....





Ozma ain't happy...hey, that's a Satelight can...


And she's just sitting back and enjoying the ride...


Jeez-uz Christ!!!!


And Sheryl suits up....


What's Grace doing out and about...


Time for a little cruise






And he's just sitting around waiting for the world to come to an end


Not in Kansas anymore...








Great..she's flying again


That's a lot of red...


reaching for it....


See you next deculture!


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Darn, another cliffhanger

- Ranka is kidanapped by the Vajra

- A huge Vajra fleet emerge from WTF-1

- Grace comitted suicide by activating WTFDevice

- Bye bye Galia 4 and Zentran

I need fansub now!! :ph34r:

A huge fleet battle next episode

Edited by Morpheus
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I thought i was watching an episode of Gunbuster...... 0.o;;

So it seems Grace has used some sorta anti-matter/fold weaponry....and intended to clear evidence on the planet? And i didn't get what is the WTF-1 still.....

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Why, did he say the SDF-1 was actually

a Vajra vessel in disguise


From one part I saw it say "04" when he zoomed in on the ship name, than I think I heard him say "Gloval" than saw a flash back to Ozma shooting a dart, that was the scene where he tolld Alto bout the 117th Fleet. Looks to me the Vajra took over that ship

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Why, did he say the SDF-1 was actually

a Vajra vessel in disguise


I didn't say it was anything, I said a possibility existed. Until the subs come out or we get confirmation from our Japanese members, AFAIK it's still open ended.. ;)

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