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  1. Are you forgetting DYRL, M+ and Escaflowne?
  2. 25 minutes to go. Seems like the mms://waryas.ath.cx/live stream is down. =\
  3. All I've ever seen is one episode RAW. I loved this show back in the day.
  4. Sorry, I can't even connect with keyhole right now.
  5. Yes the mms://stream.gundam.eu/mbs has MBS on right now.
  6. In case anyone missed, VIP just released a batch with eps 1-20. That's 4 new episodes since their last release.
  7. Yay, just in time! And it's working perfectly fine too.
  8. I was about to ask the same thing, none of the old streams seems to have mbs at the moment...
  9. Used the same stream and it worked perfectly for me. =D
  10. Just got this from m-chan. I hope it works and is the rigth channel. mms://notfourchan.net/mbs
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