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  1. Funimation is Sony, and probably a big part of how this deal went through. There's still music rights to consider but if they can bring over Symphogear and whatnot I'm sure they can bring over Macross.
  2. My patience for harems is pretty thin but I sort of like Testament so far... kind of like High School DxD with more of a Fate/stay night feel. Owarimonogatari is living up to expectations so far. Not sure what else looks interesting this season.
  3. Really tempted now to gorge on spoilers for Owari and Zoku...
  4. True enough. But... but... those engines. Looking at Yuki-chan in your avatar I suppose I don't see it happening without a Pinocchio but it would be entertaining. Also, speaking of Satelight... who will get the gradient hair? That aside I sort of thought when Δ was the code name it might just be a clever way to refer to it as the 4th broadcast Macross series with undertones of romance more than death and whatnot. I suppose we'll see.
  5. Are you talking AI harem kinda like Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio (of Blue Steel)? Cause I would be ok with that. Takao is best boat, BTW. Jury still out on best valk.
  6. Are you talking about Suruga Devil or Yotsugi Doll? Kanbaru's arc was slow (worthwhile though) but Ononoki's is the intro to Final Season. Also, epic battles ensue.
  7. Uh oh... Valkyrie are you a closet Ranka shipper? I didn't mean to hit a nerve. I dunno, I really liked the series but I thought it was flawed in a lot of ways especially towards the end; the movies (and the care that went into making them) just floored me. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the Macross universe.
  8. She's the essence of Macross 7!!!! Also, the Fire Bomber rhythm section. Ray and Veffidas don't get enough love. Macross is so much about triangles and ensembles but if I had to pick a proper favorite it's a toss up between Basara and Sheryl. Although in fairness Sheryl technically was a flower girl so... hrm.
  9. It sounds from what you said before like you maybe prefer side stories in existing continuities; that's not my thing at all but its perfectly okay. IMO "realism" is relative to setting in SF/F or even alternative history, especially if the world that's being portrayed has a different set of values. Somewhere along the line those worlds and those values have to be defined; mostly through the extenuating circumstances that led to that world being different from our own as well as the characters living in that world. To that end... it seems much more jaded over time but this is the galaxy that Minmay built. Its 30 some years on, and Space War I is a probably a fading memory. But... for me, anyway, that the ideal that 'music is the answer' carried over (if tepidly at first) is what really grounds it as a successor to SDFM and not a rehash or something and a large part of why Basara "growing" would have been a disservice. I dunno... if you didn't like Macross 7 that's your prerogative but it feels like you're trying to judge it by a standard that shouldn't apply.
  10. I feel like that's a tough distinction, cause Kaifun claimed it but was basically a douche and more than likely just a coward; Basara on at least a couple of occasions I can think of refused to let someone resort to violence but would probably never call himself that. Regardless, I kind of appreciate Basara's persistence so I'm kind of glad he didn't "grow". To each their own I suppose.
  11. So much hate for the Kai around here I thought Tenjin did Sound Force justice... I know the premise of BT is more or less space empires in perpetual war; It sounds like you're more interested in grunts and action than something like Dune of Game of Thrones but as far as an anime take in line with the latter you may want to check out Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Its older (80's-90's) but it actually got licensed recently. Its pretty long and drawn out and honestly I could never make it through all of it but its definitely epic.
  12. The -monogatari series is amazing but its not for everyone. I just caught up recently. I'm kind of meh on Aquarion in general but I really like the character design in Logos for some reason. Shimoneta is a lot of fun so far as well.
  13. I feel like you're trying to compare something like Star Trek to 2001 because they both take place on spaceships in space. Fundamentally Macross is about making peace a lot more than about war; I don't mean to discount your reasons for enjoying it but music (or its performer) isn't there for flavor as much as being a pillar of the franchise along with the mecha and the love triangles. Its been the predominant catalyst for making peace. And characters like Basara, Alto, or even Shin have been pacifists outright or threw down their arms entirely. Invoking "professional soldiers" just seems like its a setup to an entirely different story with an entirely different theme. Which isn't to say that story would be bad or good, but I'm still a bit puzzled as to what it would look like or where it necessarily intersects.
  14. I can't help but feeling like these highly trained specialists should be wearing red shirts while eating pineapple salad and won't make it 15 minutes into the plot... Can you give any examples beyond BT?
  15. I'm indifferent to BT aside from picking up a MechWarrior game a long time ago that I could never really get into but... I think you're talking subgenres rather than cultural norms. Its perfectly fine if you prefer gruff space marines or whatever with your mecha but its not exactly an anomaly in "western" SF/F to have young characters in mature stories. Even Starship Troopers was basically a coming of age story... somewhere, anyway, inbetween the military propaganda. Luke Skywalker was only 19 or so, Paul Atreides was 15, Ender Wiggin, etc. Not to call you out necessarily, but to see it framed it as East vs. West is disingenuous IMO. In the grand scheme, its just a preference.
  16. I don't disagree, but I do question whether some of that exposition was intended to serve as anything but a primer; the movies rolled back a lot of what was set up in the series, up to and including redeeming Grace. Although I'm on the verge of talking canon, which I suppose both are and neither are. But... how can an Isamu cameo not be canon?! Not sure if you felt the motives as presented in the movies were any clearer. I will say that thematically I thought the movies did really well with providing exposition on the fold network, as well as contrasting the cerebral Galaxy with the emotional Vajra.
  17. What kind of further exposition was there in the Chronicle? Moreover, was it in regard to the series or movie? In hindsight, though, I really want to give them the benefit of the doubt; that they more or less decided the series would be the DYRL equivalent early on. Its Macross, so canon going forward comes down to whatever mix and match Kawamori feels like going with, but the the hand waving was pretty much blatant with Galaxy, the Vajra, and elsewhere in favor of sticking the homages and selling the harem.
  18. Maybe... but Sara's visions were clearly prescient, which is inconsistent with the fold network as we've seen it since.
  19. I thought the implication was that the Bird Human (if less awesome than anything from M7) was pretty much the most recent thing we'd seen from the PC. I watched it pretty recently, and I definitely remember it being stated it had some kind of time manipulation abilities. I dunno, I suppose its possible we'll see the PC but I got the impression Zero was their swansong or passing of the torch. If they are still around they've gone hyperdimensional. I don't think the movies left any doubt as to Galaxy's fate, though.
  20. Ah yeah... It... kinda doesn't, but I know that interpretation was fairly prevalent at least after the series. I wouldn't mind seeing a new galaxy at this point...
  21. Tangential but aside from visual similarlity and both being fundamentally telempathetic is there necessarily a link between Vajra queen and bird human? Just wondering; there's a pretty wide gulf between 'inspired by' and 'bioengineered/genetically modified variant of' especially considering the reverence the Protoculture held towards the Vajra.
  22. Speaking of idols (gritty or otherwise) the performance bits in Aikatsu! are predominantly cel shaded 3D aren't they? AKB0048 had some 2D <-> 3D transitions that were really well done but a lot that were jarring; I wonder how much (if at all) Satelight is going to push towards full 3D for a new Macross. I know reception to CG characters can be mixed but its evolved pretty rapidly over a fairly short amount of time. I really did like the updated/CG d Shudisuta b concert scenes but I will say the facial expressions threw me.
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