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  1. Well, Im pretty sure at least here in Chile that was the case. If I not mistaken the first translated VHS came around at time of the Macross Plus release, and if you wanted to get something more specific, you had to resort on a LD rip with english subtitles, wich means the kids were put out of the picture by a language barrier (thank goodness my parents sent my to a british school) Now on the macross case, putting aside macross plus there were nothing available so no wonder people doesn't care about it And I still enjoy saying "HERETIC" to my friends when I show them macross stuff and the say "oh, that's robotech"
  2. What can I say... I like Macross 7, but I get nauseas when I hear Planet Dance...
  3. It's wonderful all the free time has that guy... XD
  4. Fixing Something...

  5. Hayate no Gotoku Manga chapter 204 LOL
  6. That is his girlfriend posting, but it seems he is OK
  7. Men That is one of the worst areas, did you have an e-mail to try in facebook or something?
  8. Hi all Reporting from Chile What can I say, only 30 minutes ago I regain total Electricity, water supply and Internet connectivity, Here in the town where I live the Quake's Hit was low (regardless the 8.8ยบ richter) but in the nearby areas the destruction is very High Yesterday we have electricity for a couple of hours and the destruction in others cities is overwhelming for what can I see on TV. At teast 2 Coastal cities were half destroyed by the tsunami and a town in the Archipelago Juan Fernandez aswell I don't know what news you have, but here the total victims is already over 711 people and nobody wants to give a number of missing persons, because all ne numbers raises minute by minute Now at night the real concern is the security because the panic plunders are starting and at least one city is under military control Well, By for now
  9. If someone needs seeding on the torrent, just send me a PM
  10. I would say that's true, that's why I'll never do any DVD patch in spanish xD
  11. LISTEN TO MY SUBS!!!!!! or it was song??? xD I'm sorry for the delay, my video card collapses with windows 7 and I found myself making rare customizations in order that it could work. Still I can't watch a video on the PC, but Aegisub works fine.
  12. Ok, Here is the volume 4 of frontier http://rapidshare.com/files/287124982/Macr...ntier_DVD_4.exe Now I'm going to work on Macross 7
  13. I just want to say... I'm agree +1 Etc.... I'm quite happy with my old ps2, and besides the Ace Combat series the only games I play are RPG style so I'm not willing to buy a 360 for just one game.
  14. There's even a video around. And I remember las week reading about a pre-sale on Amazon Germany
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