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  1. Without much passion from me about this moving on into reality, the only plausible option I see for HG/Sony for an RT LAM is to go with the Mospeada designs and a sort of hinted Macross Saga-esque story. The Legioss/Alpha design is pretty much already an F-15 conversion of the F-14-inspired VF-1. The Legioss can be somewhat updated to an YF-23 or even PAK-FA look-a-like. That should be enough to break the tight Macross/Robotech association based on the common use of the VF-1 by HG in almost everything, except for the little "new" things they've came up with.
  2. M&M reissue? Pretty pretty please?
  3. First time ever heard of the concept of "social game"...
  4. Nice looking VF! Just a minor nitpicking... Should repaint the upper intakes to black. I think it would bring out more the VF profile. It seems you already did it for the right side one.
  5. I'll be damned... it'd love those skins... T_T
  6. Thanks a lot. Then I guess I'll order what's available right away. Hope it doesn't take too long to arrive to Mexico
  7. I'm about to order all current 3 volumes of MTF from HLJ. Any word on #4 release date? I was gonna order from Amazon JP but it wouldn't ship the Yamato display stand to MX along with the mangas, so I had to change supplier... ¬¬U
  8. As much as I'd love the extras (particularly the pachinko footage), that's way too much for a series set I already own (Animeigo DVD release) that, given the expected improvements, won't change the fact that some footage is just unforgettable to say the least (AKA, the infamous Max/Milia knife fight). I'll have to pass. I'd rather get a new valkyrie for half the money this release is gonna cost.
  9. I'd happily go for a remake. But REMAKE, not a freaking reboot. The original SDFM story was awesome, to the point that it touched "serious" things in a way very few anime back then did, and it still stands on its own. The animation, on the other hand, lacked the technical beautifulness to really transmit the sheer awesomeness of valkyrie & space warfare most of the times. Even if it's an OVA, as long as it keeps the original story mostly intact, and bridges the current gaps between M0 & SDFM, I'll be a happy camper
  10. I went ahead and made some "fixes" to previously posted ASS subtitles file. Remember the "interceptor missiles" thingie? Well, that's one of the things fixed in here, among some other and added a couple comments. Subtitles are timed to the DECAY raw (5.78 GB version). Loved the translator comment saying "NOTANOTHERF***INGRANKASONG" XD Macross Frontier - Sayonara no Tsubasa - 1080p BDRip x264 DTSHD MA-DECAY.ass.zip
  11. Relativity effects or not, even by his "Eden" age, he would still be fit enough to fly and fight (awesomely most surely) for SMS. And as said, he was born to be in a PMC! Hell, I'd even dare to say that Isamu would be a co-founder of SMS, and most surely knew Capt. Wilder from before (hint for an SMS story arc/prequel?) ;-) On another topic, as for my take on the movie... Lots and lots of eye-candy! AWESOME graphics and action! Sometimes it's even hard to keep up with all that's happening. Just because of that, the movie REQUIRES several watches. I was kinda turned down by the concerts with nothing really going on of relevance meanwhile. Sure, very cool scenery/coreograph for the Sheryl concert, nice songs as well. But both felt a little like "time fillers" that could have been used better along with something happening at the same time, like the Galaxy infiltration. Makes sense, right? Lots of the population is busy with Sheryl's concert, what better chance to make a move than then, ala Sharon in Mac Plus? Then, Ranka.... well, I never really liked her character (moe girls are definitely NOT my type), but in this movie they totally tossed the complete loli/kid song/attire over her and us viewers. She may be 15 or 16, but her concert looks something more fitting for a 12-yo Disney/Nickelodeon singer. NOT TO MY LIKING! (maybe I'm getting too old ) As for the VF-29... meeeh... they could have came up with just another FAST pack full of fold quartz and the effect would have been basically the same. I'm with others on this: Kawamori just put that in there to sell yet another toy Multiple Mac Quarters.... hell, yeah!! Battle Frontier as usual looks impressive! But... where's Battle Galaxy?????? ¬¬ Nice Grace redemption! Way too many "oh-he-died-oh-he-didn't" moments... got a little tired of that. On the other hand, liked Ai-kun a lot better in this incarnation than it's "evolved" form in the series. As for the resolution... LIKED! Good thing to see Alto finally making up his freaking mind, although a little late. Sheryl definitely was best for him (I would hit on her!). Too much of a Zero feeling there with the Queen folding out with Alto tagging along. I bet the Queen is having a long chit-chat with old Shin, Hikaru, Misa, Minmey and young Alto. Did Brera die? Most surely, since he doesn't show up nor is mentioned in Ranka's epilog. Sheryl woke up, that's a sure thing. Her lips moving along Ranka's song during the ending, her earring blinking and the fact that she starts the last song in the credits by saying "Sorry about the wait" gives credit to this idea, as if it was kind of her "come back" concert along with Ranka. Did Alto return? Unlikely... but... who knows... this is Kawamori trolling and playing with our feelings yet again.
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