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  1. But its sad....well Misa will have a new one next week when KK goes nuts on helpless whatever she kills...
  2. What? I never wished that on her but I so expect it now since her love died! But than his death would be in vain if she did that too! Atleast Nanase is out of the picture for now (I hope) which is where I like her! And I saw a post a while on this thread about since Ozma has to go underground that would make Alto Skull Leader....I hope he gets some replacements because all he would have left is....Luca.... I was kinda hoping too that Sheryl would become a pilot in Skull Squadron, but now shes back into singing and singing while piloting has already been done...so...I don't see that anymore. Damnit let me go back to lurking!
  3. I was just left speechless at how wonderful this episode was. Not because they killed off someone I wanted dead (wishing it was Nanase I still have hope tho! ) but for the effect it left on me when it ended (yes tears were involved). So much that when I played DC first thing this morning in my car, I got moved again remembering it and got lil teary eyed AGAIN!. Still moved AGAIN when I saw the Youtube clip an hour ago. Very well done and I hate to love it. This just took my favorite episode spot from episode 6 (it had a touching ending). So yah... Back to lurking...
  4. I remember that Image! I was bout to choke when I saw it! And I agree with Morpheus.... I still have hope for Lockon till I see show, I never believed it ended that way. Gah...back to lurking...
  5. Yah I know but I am still hoping! Any predictions on anything else, oh mighty Azrael?
  6. Hmmm...combining Gundams? I sincerely hope not! I'd prefer something without Gattai action going on. Already bad enough with these "different" style of "Gundams" that I am not too fond of. And yes, I do prefer the MS from Seed and Destiny especially since they copy or give homage or whatever (some say rip off) from previous Gundam shows. Still like'em. (possible SEED fanboy-ism talking here) I am not too fond of the show, I think of it and say "meh" but something about it has got me hooked and I have to finish the show. So I am eagerly awaiting the new season! I do like the characters for some odd reason. And I really hope that ...back to lurking...
  7. Hmmm how many are you claiming? First Misa, than Klan, now Glass?
  8. Damnit did I miss something funny again while stuck at work? I'd love to read that...link please?
  9. Is there a link to the waryas? On keyhole I am not getting MBS or TBS words. There is MBS radio tho. I am currently watching teh Communication Satellite channel since it is showing anime.
  10. The shivers part was why I voted for Episode 6 for Diamond Crevasse. Episode 7 did great too and I love it, just episode 6 to me had my favorite moment of all the series so far.
  11. That picture WINS! Makes me want some real miclones for my kid, if I ever have a kid.
  12. This has probably been brought up already, many episodes ago I am sure, but can the Gunpod of the VF-25 blow up a Red Lobster like it does in the opening? Or is that just animated for the opening glamour?
  13. I have yet to see the subs, but from what was said so far, Sheryl should be the one to win Alto because she is providing him something he really wanted. Ya, Ranka isn't capable of that yet, but she still deserves a shot. Damn love triangles.... Gotta love them tho! Ima hold out voting on this episode till I watch subs.
  14. Whats the name of the Pink Haired Bridge Bunny? Also, is that the one VA that did Lacus from SEED? Edit: Just looked it up, Monica is voiced by Rie Tanaka, so Its not the pink haired one.
  15. Wait? Wolfx got banned or warned? I thought he was warned...
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