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  1. Hey guys, I haven't been here since frontier aired so it's been a while. I'm surprised by how much the final version of the episode "works". All those small cuts have really cleaned it up nicely. I'm actually starting to like Delta.
  2. After months of waiting and waiting I just finally saw the raw. HOLY COWS!!!! That movie was awesome. Now I can't wait for the subs to come out ...... sometimes I wish I had the money to just order the Blu Ray like you guys
  3. *cheers* So yeah now the forums are getting famous in Japan aswell O.O, expect more people talking engrish here verry soon (or atleast when the movie comes out)
  4. Olla people, long time no seen! Or, read actually.... So yeah, isn't like 5 volumes kind of verry short for a manga spanning a 25 episodes series O.o?
  5. Hello everyone , more excuses incomming >D Well first of sorry for not replying for so long, I have been so damn bussy with getting my rl stuff straigthened up that i couldnt afford the time to even post here. Expect some gifs withing the week.
  6. Good enough, just dont use any "old" pc's
  7. Congratz Lynn Minmay But on a scary side note: My little sister is called Lynn and here birthday is today O.O.
  8. God I love the compilation song from episode 25. Nothing beats the Do You Remember Love, Lion combo
  9. Sheryl You don't often see a girl that beautifull and girly, yet with such a strong character/will. Also i really felt sorry for her throughout this series, she always seemed to lose that what she really wanted. I dunno I guess I kind of like that type of character
  10. One funny thing in episode 1. When SMS gets their launch orders, Ozma send Gilliam out to go get Michel and Luca then screams up at the microphone to Canaria that they're heading out ..... but in the shot before that you can clearly see that she's just standing on the other side of the table . That Ozma always has to scream ^^
  11. Chuck Norris, Duke Nukem, John 117 .... I dont think stronger team exists.
  12. I defenitely wasn't around back then . But I'm glad that I got hooked up anyway
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