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Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread


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9 hours ago, Shawn said:

Have we ever tried finding the highest price sold?
This has got to rank up there

I assume you are just referring to "Macross" cels and art?  If not, Disney has got it beat easily.  I think even Miyazake cels easily beat out Macross sold prices regularly.

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Been watching this rough genga on and off for years on YJA.....I always found it interesting as it has a cool "storyboard" look to it....

Acquiring other Macross rarities have always kept me from buying it....until just recently....



Judging by Minmay's outfit and positioning, I am pretty sure it is a setup for the scene where Hikaru and Minmay get trapped within the SDF-1 and Minmay begins to float leading to the "Zero-G" musical sequence...


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Yeah, I saw it too....maybe it a cel from th Macross SF Challenge Game? :unknw:


...it seems the game has scenes that are similar to the actual show but slightly altered.....maybe @Shawn can weigh in as I think he has actually played the game or may have some screen caps....

Here is the post that contains screenshots of the game.....


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Good catch jvmacross!  Can you share more information about the historical use of this SDFM poster?

It is somewhat unusual to create multiple hankens just for one product such as this vintage SDFM TV poster.  Also, I concur with jvmacross that it is far easier to pull screen captured images for a poster as they did with many other DYRL, SDFM and even the FB posters.  Perhaps this SDFM Minmay cel was also created for other promotional purposes we may not be aware of yet?  Has anyone observed it used anywhere else?

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Nice catch.....wonder what else from Seika Note contains those images?  They know all about milking images!

Also.....is every image in that poster/shitajiki that seems like it is a screenshot from the series actually a "recreation" of a scene from the series?

For example....the pic with Misa and the puppy......she is not wearing the same outfit in the actual scene from Episode 34....


Strange but cool........

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Some huge prices for cels at Heritage Auction


Macross cel sold for $3360.



Mospeada cel sold for $1800



Sothern Cross sold for $2280



This is listed as Macross 7 but I believe it is Robotech Sentinels  $3360



What do you think?  I was pretty surprised by how much these went for!

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Interesting.  Maybe now is a great time to unload some Macross art?   It is interesting to observe these cels (some from Carl Macek's own collection) all had backgrounds that may have been matching originals.  If so that might be a contributing factor to the higher ending sale prices.

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