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Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread


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DYRL? cel lot........220,250 JPY



DYRL? cel lot........177,250 JPY



DYRL? Minmay cel.......68,000 JPY



So the average sale price for these comes out to 66,500 JPY........I'd say it's was all Minmay driving these prices!

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At the high "entry" price....I would doubt any of these qualify as your typical "ebay cel scalper" fodder....also, with possibly the exception of the "single" Minmay cel auction, they all appear to have been local buyers...or at least their low feedback numbers would indicate individual buyers rather than proxy accounts....

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If the recent DYRL cel lots and FB cels were purchased within Japan that is an interesting trend.   Especially considering many previous sales were made using proxies for in all likelihood, international collectors.  On a related note, it appears YJA seller apple_symphony_xx is finally, unloading their Macross art inventory.  Previously he had a large collection of art but, perhaps he is finally realizing now is the time to cash in.  Wonder if we will see other YJA sellers follow his lead?  Now is a great time to buy art for high end collectors who prudently saved or are independently wealthy, but not so great for anyone struggling financially.

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First time I ever printed a screen capture for a cel sequence.....crappy inkjet printer, but I think it's looks fair enough....I have always wanted to get a printout of the background for this cel sequence because the background actually is filmed "clean" before the cel images appear.....so no need to clean up or photoshop away the cel images.....anyways here it is....the cel is from SDFM Episode 6 "DAEDELUS ATTACK"... Hikaru narrowly escapes becoming a casualty of friendly fire!










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Wait, I am a mess?

 While my wife and kids may agree with you, I'm curious as to how you found me out!

(LOL, autocorrect strikes again? *Chaos ) :p

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On 6/23/2020 at 8:04 AM, jvmacross said:

Would have been nice of them to actually point out the specific magazine they are referring to....anyone know?



Based on the other image provided, it looks like it's "マイ アニメ" (My Anime) magazine - 05/May issue... assuming 1983. Illustrated by Hirano and his wife Kakinouchi. Both key animators to macross!



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@de_005...thanks for the translation!

I was able to dig up the issue....exactly as you suggested it was....My Anime, May 1983.....







It is actually one of the less interesting illustrations....here are the rest....seems to be some kind of story involving Hikaru and Minmay.....maybe I can use Google Translate to get an idea of what is happening in the story.....





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That original drawing from the magazine illustration is interesting, but just not a fan of the closed eyes compositions.  However definitely a huge fan of the artworks by Toshihiro Hirano and Kakinouchi!  Pity neither lend their character design talents to recent series.

Anyone bid on or win the recent DYRL cel lot that closed at 1k USD?

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