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  1. Here are some amazing commissions done for me by a terrific artist, Greg Lane. They include characters from Macross, Southern Cross, Mospeada, & Robotech II: The Sentinels. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.
  2. I collect Macross/Robotech original comic artwork although I find it very rare to find and I usually have an artist to do a commission for me just to see my favorite characters in action. I am creating this thread here because I was told it was not Macross related, because most of the original pages I have are from Robotech comics and some of the commissions are from Southern Cross & Mospeada. This thread is for posting collected artwork from Macross, Robotech, Gundam, Yamato, any manga comic artwork or any American comic based on an anime. As I said, I have had a hard time finding original American comic art based on anime and all most impossible finding original Japanese manga pages. So if you collect original art based on any amines or if you just want to discuss artist feel free to post. So here's some of my mine. The first ones are original pages from Robotech (Comico) by Thomas Tenney & Mike Chen & Robotech II: The Sentinels (Eternity) by brothers Jason & John Waltrip.
  3. Also forgot to add these Macross 7, Macross II: Lover's Again and Macross & Macross DYRL cels.
  4. Got these Mospeada cels last year but forgot to post them. Not all in great condition but they are rare to find.
  5. I collect animation cels and post from time to time on the Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread. But I also try to collect Macross/Robotech comic artwork although I mind it rare to find and usually have to find an artist to do a commission for me just to see my favorite characters. So I figured I start a thread for posting collected artwork from Macross, Robotech, Gundam, Yamato, any comic artwork based on an anime. So here's some of my mine. If you collect manga artwork or any anime related comic book artwork or commissions let's see it.
  6. What I really enjoyed about Seed and Destiny was two friends on opposite sides of the war, something different from many of the UC Gundam series. Also there was love and hope in it not just war, which was more like Macross.
  7. M7 isn't like any of the other Macross series, however I like it but not because of Basara although I did enjoy Fire Bomber's music. I continued to watch not because of Basara but because of the recurring characters like Max & Miria Jenius, Michael, Galmin, the bridge bunnies & Dr Chiba.
  8. I didn't mind Seed or Seed Destiny. I enjoyed them because it was a change from the UC. I watched one episode of Stargazer for that reason and was bored to tears and nearly fell asleep.
  9. I think this scene is pretty funny when Sheryl's dress falls off and Alto & Sheryl are fighting and Ranka tries to calm them down with Tuna duplings frontier.mp4
  10. Frontier would be my first choice because they have Sheryl, Ranka & the SMS. Macross 7 would be my second because they have Fire Bomber & the two greatest pilots Max & Millia
  11. I just started Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin and am enjoying it. However I was wondering about some of the other new Gundams like Iron Blooded Ophans, Thunderbolt, & CE 73 Stargazer. Does anyone have any opinions on these?
  12. treker14

    Macross figures

    I ordered my Lisa from BBTS but have received it yet.
  13. treker14

    Macross figures

    I have several of the Robotech Masterpiece veritech/valkyries as well as some other valkyries from other companies. I normally collect anime cels through a proxy. One day I came across the Sheryl / Basara figure through the proxy. Being a Macross 7 & Macross Frontier I purchased it. I didn't know what to expect just looking at the pictures. I tell you when I took that Sheryl out of the package and saw it for the first time and saw the amazing sculping and artwork, it started a whole new hobby & collection for me.
  14. Sorry for the late response. I'll give you thoughts without comparing to the original otherwise I just keep talking about the original. I enjoyed Mission 1 although I felt it leaned more towards Kei. Mission 2 was sorta of boring especially since it took place on an amusement planet during the 20th century so there was no real sci-fi. Mission 3 was my favorite it had comedy and action while the Dirty Pair caused destruction in each episode.
  15. Just finished the 12 episodes of Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan as well as Dirty Pair Flash 1 & 2 Continuing Patlabor TV series & moving onto Dirty Pair Flash 3 & have started Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
  16. I totally agree with you 100% about the figures mainly being women and aimed at guys as their targets. However, I don't know if you have ever watched any of the Gundam series. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is a very dark and dramatic series. One could compare it to SDFMacross. It's sequel Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ is more of a comedy much like Macross 7. When looked at there are more toys for both SDFMacross & Zeta Gundam then their comedic sequels including figures and mecha. Macross 7 & Gundam ZZ are less followed by fans and have less toys than their dramatic counterparts. Whether it is because of the fact that they are comedies or as I noticed their use of repetitive stock artwork I don't know.
  17. I always considered Macross 7 the odd man out. Pun intended, Basara being the only male singer in any of the Macross series. Comparing it to SDFMacross, Frontier, or Delta, it has a more comedic plot. That being said, I do enjoy it very much. As far as it's look, it's defiantly a 90's look but the artwork isn't bad for it's time. However, the one thing that does bother me was the repetition of scenes especially the battles. Most of Gamlin's launches and transformations appear to me to be the same as do the coming and going of Gagile's fleet. As far as Macross being a series to sell toys, Macross 7 is again in my opinion the odd man out. Two things I collect when dealing with anime are production cels and trading or emotive figures. Again compared to SDFMacross, Frontier, & Delta, I can find hundreds of Lynn Minmay, Ranka Lee, Sheryl Nome etc. figures but very few Basara figures. In fact I have found more Mylene figures than Basara and no other characters from Macross 7 at all. However, I feel Frontier and Delta have given Macross 7 a boost especially when you find out Frontier's Ozma Lee is a Fire Bomber fan and continually plays their music.
  18. Zeta Gundam Heroines Vol. 2 - Mouar Pharaoh, Emma Sheen & Sarah Zabiarov
  19. Sorry I originally typed Breakers when I searched for it and that's why I didn't find anything.
  20. I haven't seen anything mentioned in the forum about this so I started this thread. A new Mospeada project was announced in July 2020 called Genesis Climber Mospeada Genesis Breaker. It is supposed to parallel the original Mospeada and Stick Bernard's story and deals with a secret intelligence group, called Breakers, that are studying the Inbit. They already have a new ride armor designed for it. I can't wait. Has anyone else heard anything about it.
  21. I just got this Galaxy Express 999 diorama and this Leona figure from Dominion
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