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Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread


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1 hour ago, jvmacross said:

I think it was a local japanese buyer, so it'll probably never see the light of day again...

I think it's probably better to buy locally right now, if possible.  I would worry a little about having a cel worth that much shipped to me from overseas right now.  Most likely, there wouldn't be an issue, but it was something I had to consider.  As far as the cel never seeing the light of day again, well, I saved a picture... :)

With regards to cels being featured in art books, I wasn't thinking they would be more valuable because of that.  It's more like, "Someone thought this was a nice enough image out of the thousands of cels produced for this film to include it in a book."  


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I wouldn't make shipping a reason not to buy as long as you can afford it and you really like something....YOLO! :drinks:  Mandarake, Buyee, and several other proxies and stores have switched to FedEx and DHL which, in theory :db:, should add another layer to secured shipping outcomes.  

To be honest, FB2012 is not that long of a "movie" and when you really think about it, the actual "new" footage is very little, so it makes sense that books would be able to easily select the best scenes, since the pool of available sequences and cels within those sequences are low to begin with.  A publisher would really need to go out of their way to select "bad" cel scenes from FB2012.

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That's true for FB2012.  I was referring to finding cels that you own included in art books in general.  I have a cel setup from Iczer-1 that's in one of the art books, and I just thought it was neat.  I had no idea it was featured in the book prior to buying it.  

Anyway, this DYRL cel of Minmay and Hikaru just went for 280,000 yen.  :shok:



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WOW indeed!  I don't think I recall an auction that had 120 bids....I seriously did not expect this.  I would have liked to have seen how that progressed to the finish. 

The cel isn't even that impressive.  It is unique as how many "wedding" scene do we have in Macross?  I wonder if it was bought as a gift to someone who is getting married soon, it would make a thoughtful gift, but wow, not at that price.  Looks like it was a 4-way bidding war until the final 2....with the highest bidder winning by 10 bucks!  That had to hurt!  Hopefully, the seller doesn't have to relist it.

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BTW...here's how it went down....



So 4 bidders were vying for it at the final minutes of the auction....would seem it went to a local this time.

The whole series of events is crazy.....starting from the initial 40K bid and right to the next bidder who probably thought he had it in the bag at 75K max! LOL...that bidder was probably shocked to see he/she had been outbid!

Then there were two bidders willing to go into the 1000+ dollar range for it.  But those 4 battling it out at the end of the auction were hardcore!  Would have been exciting to have seen that 120-bid bidding war in real-time!  I completely dropped it from my radar as I thought it would not have even sold for the 40K.....totally misread the interest on this one! :wacko:


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So playing around with Paint 3D since I do not have Photoshop....

I have a series of dougas of Milia getting ready to deliver the Zentradi spies from Episode 12....I wanted to create some tranparent sheets with the appropriate douga images on them so I could then layer them together like you would a painted cel.....anyway, I do not have the materials to do that at the moment so just decided to do it digitally....

I tried to get them to match the correct angles and such, but I am getting used to the software and what it can do and it's limitations...I am sure all of this is way easier using photoshop...

Anyways.....here is what I came up with....

First....I took the main Q-Rau image that would be the background....



Second, I created "stickers", which is what Paint 3D calls what you cutout from one image to layer it onto another....I did this for both of the Q-rau's Left and Right shoulder covers.....







Then, I "stickered" the Left Shoulder onto the main Q-Rau cockpit image, followed by the "stickered" Milia.....



...and finally add the Right Shoulder cover to compose the final image.....



It was difficult to get everything just right becuase when I layer a "sticker" onto the image, it is placed a a small image that I need to resize to what is needed, so I basically had to eyeball each layered sticker......my goal was to try and match this cel sequence.....

Milia cockpit.JPG


I would need to play around more with it to get it just right, but I think it looks pretty good for a first try using Paint 3D.....

Incidentally, I have several other dougas illustrated for this scene for the animated sequences of the shoulder covers closing.  I think if I were to "sticker" them all in and create the 8 separate "frames" I might be able to create a gif of the animation sequence showing the covers coming down to lock Milia into her cockpit....may try that later...


Here is the scene from Episode 12....


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Agree the pencil sketches are amazing!  Really wish they were collected into books.  And yes much of the original art has been lost over the years.  If we are lucky other collectors share the art from their collections.

@jvmacross I find this is a helpful resource to make gifs https://gifmaker.me/
Test it out and let me know if it helps.


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That is indeed a very nice cel, but for that much, you could buy a decent Ghibli or even a Disney cel.  You would have to be a pretty diehard Macross fan to drop that much on Minmay.

I know of at least one dealer who thought a "wedding" cel they had came from the last scene of Macross (obviously not being that familiar with the series).  They had it priced super high because they were under the impression it came from an iconic ending scene.

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Here is another Milia douga I put together using three separate dougas.....


It starts with the right image consisting of a partial engine image of a "parked" Q-Rau next to Milia's ride.......



....then the next image contains the main image of Milia inside her Q-Rau.....



The final image is of the animated Q-Rau "arm".....



I put them all together and tried to get it to match the onscreen cel for the sequence, but again.....it's not perfect and it would take me some time to try and get good at these photo editing software apps.....I need to find a tutorial on youtube...I still need to resize the right-hand image a bit to match better what is seen onscreen.....here goes....



...and here is a screencap.....



...and the actual sequence from the same episode as the previous douga I put together...Episode 12 "Big Escape".....



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23 minutes ago, Shawn said:

I really had no idea how layered so many scenes were. How did the decide what part would be on each? Just based on movements?


Also-has anyone ever tried and figured out all the paint codes?

I assume on simpler sequences, it is one main image with just a few "moving parts"....

So, for example....in this scene, you have the main non-moving Milia image, while the shoulders drop down and the "blank" area next to her torso is the "animated" arm she is using to plug-in her Q-Rau controls.....sadly those individual douga sheets were not in the set I bought...just the shoulder dougas....




Sadly, this is a disappearing artform...certainly it has disappeared from Macross completely since Macross 7 I believe....it's all done via computers now

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