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  1. Buying a lovely DYRL wedding cel at 4K, unfortunately wife found out and got divorced.. Do You Remember Love... that is tragic XD
  2. Big congrats to the buyer. That beautiful Minmay is very Mikimoto, very graceful looking with a touch of sorrow. Lovely!
  3. It seems this seller (the renowned apple symphony )charges consumer tax regardless of you are bidding from oversea? So the cost would be 198000 yen?
  4. Very nice cel indeed. I am interested as it would be a nice match for my other Minmay cel ....only if the price is not so expensive :-(
  5. Hi guys Just received the package from Mandarake. A good companion with the previous DYRL cel from the same scene. Interesting seeing handwriting match between two cels that are collected 20 years apart.
  6. The last Zenbu 92 have quite amazing collection, the bid war was crazy. I grabbed the Misa Cel from DYRL to accompy with my other Misa cel from the same sequence
  7. Hi there: I wonder if anyone there has seen the actual cel, or similar cel in the sequence that matches to this DYRL douga with Ming Mei singing . All help is much appreciated.
  8. A big thank you for the info, I found the possible scene in episode 34!
  9. Hi there I would like to share my latest acquisition from JYA , a serial correction genga of Hikaru. It is said to from Ep 27, however I could not find the scene , any help is much appreciated!
  10. Yes, I've noticed. It starts from 4000 yen and goes up toward 25000 and beyond. Nevertheless, at nice and mostly importantly a legit genga of Minmay or Misa at 5000 yen for me is great value as "one of the kind" souvenir. Quite a bargain!
  11. Guys, thanks for all your inputs, appreciated!
  12. Hi guys: This is my first post. I've recently found this seller apple_symphony_xx who is offering Marcross Sketch of Minmay on JYA Does this seems legit to you? http://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/h284921525 At just 5000 yen, it seems to be GREAT value at the price he offered even if it does not come with cel. Any comments are appreciated. Regards Ken
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