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Medicom/Hot Toys and all 1/6 scale figures


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If Admin Allows it :

This is not a 1/6 scale but a 1/3 scale 2ft 6inch about. I came across someone posting this on a FB group and I dig in on this figure since I am a DieHARD fan of Final Fantasy series. Tifa is one of the fav character ofcourse. 


This is by SGD Studio new company off from Hong Kong base off from their site. 

Here is the Info: 


Figure looks amazing nice attempt I say some angle looks like her and some don't. 

I went a head and shoot them a email on question since is not in their FAQ and I am sure this will be help full for anyone wanting to order or tempted. 

Questions and reply from my email exchange :




it also appears that the figure has movable eye, as per reply :


So far all the questions I can think of at the time has gotten a respond back.

I figure I share this figure and info to my fellow collectors rather is a fan of FF or Figure in general.

I am very interested which character is their next project. I also ask is this license or not, waiting on a respond on that since I ask not long before.

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* PSA: Guaranteed that newbie to the 1/6 world would be trying get the plastic crack fix from Toys Wonderland/Comic Santorum after SS has cut their opportunity and hopefully the TW will ship out upon release. 

Don't even order with them at all! I recently got burnt with them and got nothing after paying in full over two years ago with only 2 out of 3 got shipped. Fake tracking label was made and ZERO updates over 65 days. All that promise that Philip Leung (CEO of TW) as posted via Social Media is all lies. So do your research to determine which credible store that you should put your order in. 

Don't trust me? Read up on various 1/6 sites, Trustpilot, and watch the reports on Youtube. There are people at are going to argue that TW has delivered their 1/6 goods, but it's a 50/50 chance that your actually going to get it - Your playing Russian Roulette with them *   

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On 9/29/2023 at 8:35 PM, no3Ljm said:

Teaser for Inart 1/6 THORIN OAKENSHIELD “The Hobbit” Figure. It will be revealed in WonderFest 22023 Shanghai, China.


Well, at least we’ll have a lot of time to save up for it lol!

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