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Medicom/Hot Toys and all 1/6 scale figures


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303Toys MP036 Three Kingdoms Zhou Yu Gongjin.


303Toys MP036 Three Kingdoms Zhou Yu Gongjin Exclusive Edition.


303Toys MP038 Three Kingdoms Zhou Yu's horse White Tiger.

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Posted (edited)




Darth Maul.




Darth Maul with Sith Speeder.


Shadow Trooper with Death Star Environment.


Clone Trooper Gold Chrome Version.


Luke Skywalker (Dark Empire).

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The Imperial Commando is a "Upcoming Tease" and same with the Zombie Death Trooper @sh9000, so who knows if HT is going to do it within a five year span.  

Hot Toys is like Bandai with the DX Chogokin Macross valks: All teases and 99% of the time, NOTHING GETS MADE. That's why a fair chunk collectors whine and ***** at Hot Toys in regards to making other stuff and it's swept under the rug. When 3rd party 1/6 company makes it and the customers get it, to them it still looks like utter **** after getting it in hand.  

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As usual, since Terry is the SS rep, he gets to an early unboxing and quick look at the figures before any of the general public gets their grubby paws on them when it gets officially released. 

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