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  1. I won't go that far yet. I do not know how their staffing the owner may want to improve and do better while the staffs may be lazy. who knows, if they can improve that is good for everyone on both party. They are working on my order atm I am just glad they still have my gundam 00 transam to ship to me instead of hearing '' we are unable to fullfill this order '' that would have been a devastating outcome.
  2. It is all thanks to the mail courier in my neighborhood that treats package well or else it be another wreck... According to their reply I should have notify them to bubble wrap or extra packing and mention to me to choose under premium item.... whats funny is within the same email chain the very first email was from October telling them/reminding them to bubble wrap it because i keep the bandai shipper box and to keep the item safe for any mishap on delivery. They reply back saying they will, fast forward to now..... such a disappointment. I just feel like the ones packing may not be the same people replying emails and the ones replying email may not happen to be the same person when it comes to it days later. I dont know. but at least reach the chain and catch up to the info. they said the gundam is on a different shipping box but never update me or my order on their site. Saying it is my error... I got that info from '' your site '' both item gave me the same tracking... comon now. At least sent me a email update... sorry for the bit of ranting since i just had not a good experience... @LUNA PARK us hobbiest don't mind paying the extra cost for items we love, the only thing we ask is please pack it nice with bubble wrap and all so the item arrive safe even if it goes through a few drop and toss. We are already paying the mark up price dew to it being hard to get & whatever shipping cost that comes with it. So please just pack it is really not much we are asking.
  3. I did email them and share the video with them to my google drive on that video. I also quote it back to my post with the link so everyone can witness it.
  4. Hi all, Here to rant a bit and calling out LunaPark store because I have place a order with them for the tamashii event exclusive figures which is the Metal build 00 transam and the saint seiya gemini gold24 and guess what came today !!! a small package from luna and inside has no packing but a piece of newpaper... good thing the box was not damage so the content inside was safe. Whats inside the shipping box was only the saint seiya gemini 24... WTF when I login to luna for my account and check the tracking both items where order together so it is under one order # and the tracking also came in one tracking number and both say delivered so what lay in front of me is it.... So glad I recorded the whole unpacking because this is the first time I order from luna and want to confirm if they have improve their packing since they made a crazy video about it. BUT was not expecting to have a missing FIGURE. I want to post the video here but it exceeded the file capacity. I dont want to upload on youtube because i dont have a video editing to blur my address... Luna owes me a MB transam 00 10th ann... T-T
  5. they like to ruin the anime.... i dont see the character playing luffy to be luffy........ why ruin this....
  6. yeah. I can take one off your hand too if you plan to let one go >.< retail
  7. Looking for the recent Bandai - DX超合金VF-1D バルキリー&ファン・レーサー if anyone has order a few too many and willing to let one go for retail PM me please
  8. anyone got a extra DX超合金 VF-1D バルキリー&ファン・レーサー that is willing to let go for retail price?
  9. they accept refund if you agree to the 20% penalty from the product price purchased. Which I agree, there was a email exchange asking do I agree. I Agree to that and that is when they went MIA for 2 months, now they have a new website update too.
  10. thanks for sharing, maybe is just me that they are avoiding since I send them 8 emails since no one reply me. almost 1 a week. Since you paid for shipping, they probably still have normal process for customers that finish the payment for shipping. I just wanted 1 item to be refunded within the whole shipping order, thinking I can use that money to pay for the shipping. waiting for 2 months for this.....
  11. with that timeline info and mines their customer support seems no longer available which it is very BAD. Now i have to wait for them to reply maybe i get a respond months later. so i can have my figures ship....
  12. This may not be related to Metal Builds but has anyone experience no Customer Support or reply from Anime-Export for the past 2 months? I know they updated there website but how is it effecting their mail box? I shoot them 8 emails the first 2 reply i got was 2 months ago before they went MIA. what is going on with Anime-Export ?
  13. Even if is basic articulation like the Nu, Sazabi will be a hot cake for sell dew to the fan and dew to pairing it up with the Nu will give it a awesome display. I will still go for it. This will be a bloodbath
  14. why do I not get the sense of any '' Soul Red '' from this I was hoping for a more redish/pink hue over the whole gundam repaint reflect when hit among the light to show the Soul Red...
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