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  1. What I have here is the ejection seat option parts from Yamato for 1/60 V2 VF-1 that I do not need. $20 shipped within 48 continental united states via Fedex with tracking number provided. ALL SOLD.
  2. So I just moved to new, smaller apartment. And sadly some of my valkyrie must go. I welcome offer, but please no low-baller!! All items is shipping included, I accept payment from paypal only. And ship only to your paypal confirmed address. I only ship in the US, and no PO.BOX please. Please add 4% for paypal fees, unless sent as gift. Please read the description for more detailed info on the item. Macross Yamato 1/60 vf-1d Hikaru & Minmay, item been transformed twice and just displayed in fighter mode. No visible damage on the item. Lowered to $100 shipped!!! SOLD Macross Yamato 1/60 vf-0a Shin Kudo with ghost booster. The box has seen better days, there is some dent and damages around the corner. The item itself is in great condition except for one of the spikes under the nose cone is broken, but it's not visible in Battroid mode. Rarely transformed, stays in Battroid mode most of the time. No problem on the shoulder joints. Asking for $180 shipped. SOLD Macross Yamato vf-0a. Item is in great shape, no visible damage. Shoulder joints are tight. Box are in great condition as well. Very rarely transformed, since I have the vf-0a Shin Kudo this one stays in the box most of the time. Asking for $150 shipped. Will post pictures later. Macross Yamato 1/60 vf-1j Hikaru. Only been transformed once, and just put back in the box. It's like brand new. No visible damage on the items. Asking for $150 shipped. SOLD Macross Yamato 1/60 vf-17. I bought this item used during my vacation in HK few months back. Never had a chance to transform it. Only open it to take a look, and didn't find any damage on the toy. Asking for $250 shipped. SOLD If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you
  3. New or used lemme know. A friend is looking for a set.
  4. Alright well as much as I hate to do this, he's gotta go. For sale is my 1/24 Yamato Patlabor Inrgam Unit 1. The figure is used but in excellent condition, all acessories are included, right down the revolver bullets. All the lights work, the battery inside has juice, everything is included and everything works. I also have set of 1/6 scale weapons that I've been using to display with the Ingram, the Ingram is roughly the size of a 1/6 scale human figure so the weapons fit perfect. The guns aren't canon, but they are pretty badass and detailed, included is a working bolt-action rifle, smg with removable clip, and lastly an assault rifle. I'd like $260+S&H, if you buy the Ingram I'll include the guns for an additional $15 if you want them too, and just ship it in the box with the Ingram. Im also open to trades, my wanted list: -V2 1/60 TV VF-1S Roy -V2 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru, Grey Goggle preferred, but I'll settle for any V2 with intact, solid, shoulders. -V2 1/60 VF-1D Hikaru, Minmei -1/60 VF-11B -1/60 VF-19S Blazer I'm on the srtrait shooter list, let me know what you think, or if you need any more details, thanks for looking.
  5. I am interested to see how many are actually buying or trying to buy those valk that is some how getting so hard to get, and story on which shops that are not really reliable for pre-order. Also may be we can let the main toy topic to focus on the toy instead of who is to blame for not taking our money.
  6. http://www.macrosswo...ndpost&p=952783
  7. I have been delaying this for far too long now. I have no space to display ALL of my Macross valks, so I have to pick and choose what to keep. All of the below valk are well loved but used, with a few transformations for each, very good condition. No broken parts. All have boxes and manuals included. Buy multiples and save on shipping!!!!! Last Ones for now. Prices Dropped SV-51 CF= $130 Fan Racer NIB, unbuilt=$40 Macross Frontier VF-25F V2.0 Alto=SOLD Misc Bird of Prey, some decals applied= SOLD SDF Macross VF-1J Command= SOLD VF-1J Grey Goggles (hikaru)= SOLD VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki=SOLD VF-1D Virgin Road= SOLD VF-1A Angel Bird (Decal applied to head)=SOLD VFX =SOLD VF-1/60 TV super parts=SOLD Fan Racer NIB, unbuilt=$50 Macross Zero VF-0 unknown soldier (many decals applied)=SOLD VF-0A Shin (shoulders intact, tightest Macross zero Valk I own)=SOLD SV-51 Nora =SOLD SV-51 CF= $130 QF 2200d A Ghost (rare)=SOLD Macross 7 VF-22S Max (comes with excellent MW blast shield)=SOLD VF-22S Miria ((comes with excellent MW blast shield)=SOLD VF-19 Kai=SOLD Sound Booster=SOLD
  8. Hi all, First I'd like to apologize if I'm not posting in the right section since it's my very first post on this forum. I've searched for that subject but coudn't find anything releavant to my problem. My question is "Where can I get spare parts for those Magnificient-yet-(often)-crapy-jointed Yamato's Valks V2?" I came here on a friend's recommandation who said that you might be able to help me with the cracking shoulders (left & right) and knaped canopy of a Super Ostrich (YMT00126). It's quite hard to find precise and releavant information on the Internet for that problem. Actually I was really looking forward a nice answer from parts@hlj.com since I have an account there but they informed me that this service was suspended because of the earthquake and they didn't know when they where going to run it back on. I also gave a try at over-drive-inc.com since they have a form specially made for that but I've never receive any answer. Could you guys give me a hint on what to do? Have these spare parts for sale or an address to contact to get them? Am I doomed to keep it this way? Thanks for the useful advices you could give me (and sorry for my english, I haven't pratice for centuries, maybe even more ;-) )
  9. Hi all! I have some 1/60 Yamato Macross Plus valks for sale. I have always loved Macross (and Macross Plus specifically), but it is time for me to part with my very modest collection. I bought these valks using the Macross World Forums and I wanted to offer them here first before I went anywhere else. For sale are the 1/60 YF-19, YF-21, and VF-11B. I also am selling the Fast Packs for the YF-19. Details for the YF-19: My favorite valk by far (although the figure itself fell short of my expectations). This one has been transformed the most, and unfortunately has been messed with the most. The box has moderate wear and the figure itself suffers from the white stress marks on the joint in the neck of the fighter (See pics). I have shaved down the two nubs of the beige plastic that touches the gray pieces in the neck to help with transformation and to have there be less pressure on the neck pieces in general (See pics). There is also a spot on the underside of the right wing where it connects to the main wing body that has some slight discoloration. I have included a picture of the left wing which does not have this issue for comparison (See Pics). This is not visible at all in any mode since that portion of the wing is always folded in some manner. Price: $140 Details for the YF-21: Has been transformed a number of times as well. The figure is in excellent condition and I have even kept the plastic wrap that surrounds the figure's wings while in the container. Box has moderate wear and there are scratch marks on the top-back of the box. One thing to note is that I have left the knee-cap armor (?) removed from the character while in fighter mode. Price: SOLD Bundle Offer: YF-21 and the YF-19 TOGETHER. Price: $300 total (includes shipping). This is a FIRM offer. Details for the VF-11B: Has been transformed a number of times as well. The figure is also in excellent condition. Box is in good shape with no noticeable scratches. SOLD Details for the YF-19 Fast Packs: Have never been used or mounted on the YF-19. Box has moderate wear with a small scratch and a noticeable tear on the back side. SOLD Shipping is a flat $10 for any item. I will combine shipping for however many items you buy. So if you decide to buy the whole lot, then you pay $10 for shipping total. If my prices are too high, or if I am too out of touch with reality, then please send me a polite PM. I have been out of the Macross scene for awhile so these are numbers I have come up with doing just some quick look-ups on this site and a few others. Thank you for your time and please PM me with any questions. Edit: Items Sold and prices lowered.
  10. Hi folks, I'm looking for good spare parts for a super ostrich v2 by Yamato: - left & right shoulder joints - canopy Do you have these around? If so, make an offer. I'm still contacting some yamato retailers. Thanks.
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