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  1. I recently pulled out my v1 TRU CF VF-1A. First thing I noticed is that two of the missiles and the rear landing gear doors had yellowed to a shade that almost matches the CF brown! Second thing I noticed was that one of the clear lights in the wings had come loose. Then while transforming the head came off when the mounting plate cracked into two pieces. While trying to fix that one of the tabs that holds one side of the chest hinge in place broke. Some other little piece also flew off and hit me in the eye. No idea where that came from. Who knew I need to wear eye protection when playing with my toys! Guess I'll try to get it back together enough to get it into fighter mode then never transform it again. If you have any old v1s sitting around I suggest you not try to transform them ever again.
  2. I would like to sell or trade my Yamato 1/60 VF-11C with Super Parts. This is the same toy that has been featured on anymoon. It's in like new condition although it has been transformed two or three times. Never displayed, returned promptly to its box. I would like $old plus shipping and fees OR I will trade for transformers masterpiece figures. 1) Takara MP-1 2) Takara MP-1B Nemesis Prime 3) Takara MP-1L Last Shot Prime 4) Takara MP-2 5) Hasbro MP-3 Walmart Starscream 6) Takara MP-3 US version Starscream 7) Takara MP-4 Takara MP-4S Sleep Mode Prime 9) Takara MP-6 Skywarp 10) Takara MP-7 Thundercracker 11) Takara MP-8 Grimlock 12) Hasbro MP-8 Grimlock 13) Takara MP-8X King Grimlock 14) Takara MP-09 V1 15) Hasbro MP-09 16) Takara MP-09B Nemesis Rod 17) Takara MP-09 V2 Hot Rod 2.0 18) Takara MP-11 Starscream Coronation 19) Takara MP-11S Sunstorm Coronation 20) Takara MP-12 Lambor 21) Takara MP-13 Soundwave 22) Takara MP-14 Alert 23) Takara MP-15 Rumble/Jaguar 24) Takara MP-16 Frenzy/Buzzsaw
  3. I would like to sell or trade my Yamato 1/60 VF-17D with Super Parts. It will be appearing in a super parts post later tonight and has already been featured in my VF-17 post on anymoon. It's in like new condition although it has been transformed to battroid once and to GERWALK twice mostly just for photos. Never displayed, returned promptly to its box. Just a heads-up, this toy is incredibly tight which makes transforming to battroid a pain in the butt (especially twisting the head around). I would like $old shipped to the continental US OR I will trade for transformers masterpiece figures. 1) Takara MP-1 2) Takara MP-1B 3) Takara MP-1L 4) Takara MP-2 5) Hasbro MP-3 Walmart 6) Takara MP-3 US version 7) Takara MP-4 Takara MP-4S 9) Takara MP-6 10) Takara MP-7 11) Takara MP-8 12) Hasbro MP-8 13) Takara MP-8X 14) Takara MP-09 V1 15) Hasbro MP-09 16) Takara MP-09B 17) Takara MP-09 V2 18) Takara MP-11 19) Takara MP-11S 20) Takara MP-12 21) Takara MP-13 22) Takara MP-14
  4. I am helping my friend to sell his 1/60 Ver2 VF-1J Max & Millia Set. Toy condition: brand new, no transform, only displayed in dust-free display shelf, intact sticker and manual. Box condition: no box. 800 USD + 4% paypal fee --- shipped to anywhere in US. Also ship worldwide but the shipping is slightly more. I think this is the first time in MWF to see this set for sale during 2013. Considering Yamato is gone, it might be the last one in this year probably... Thanks for watching or PMing. Pictures are shown as below. No worry about shipping and packing, which I always pay special attention to.
  5. Anyone have this MIB complete for not that high? Let me know - thx...
  6. For Sale is a set of 6 1/60 Ground Crew Figures to be displayed with your 1/60 Macross Valkyries and Destroids. $38 USD for a set of 6 figures (unpainted) before shipping and PP fees. Thanks!
  7. For Sale is a 1/60 Soda Machine for your diorama $10 USD for unpainted $20 painted PP and shipping extra VF and figure not included, just there for scale...
  8. ...and if Arcadia decides to abandon the perfect variable line..... What will go down as the "HOLY GRAIL" of the Yamato Macross complete toy line (1/100, 1/72, 1/60, and 1/48) for those who may one day decide they must "have them all"?
  9. SOLD for $175 shipped. Selling my VF-0A MIB. I already have one so I don't really have the space for two. It's off to Ebay starting at $150. Feel free to bid: http://www.ebay.com/itm/130903581503 If there aren't any bids and you want it, I'll send it for $170 shipped. thanks Condition: Shoulders are fantastic. I've transformed it with no issues and had it displayed in Battroid in my detolf shelf. Transformed it back to get it into the box with no issues. Head laser is broken off. I have both pieces and removed the head connection piece if you wish to repair it. Still looks cool without it. Nose antenna is broken but still attaches, so it's shortened down a bit (See Pictures). Otherwise in fantastic shape. Tight joints. Awesome display piece in fighter or battroid. Complete with weapons, super packs, sticker sheet, instruction manual, great looking box, Pilot, missles, stand attachment, ect. I'm asking $175 shipped in the united states! I think that's a fair price even though it has a broken piece, considering the market these days and shipping would be about 10-15 bucks on me. Gifted paypal payments, or add 4% for paypal fees. I have good feedback as a buyer and a seller in the SSL.
  10. I just bought the 30th Ann Hikaru VF-1S. One of the missile hard points snapped off. Do I glue it on? If so, what glue? Acetone weld? Anybody want to sell me a starboard wing? HELP!!!
  11. Hi everyone, I had always intended to buy one of the 1/60 Strike Valkyries, and of course, the moment I do, Yamato is out of business I was hoping someone had an extra 1/60 Strike Valkyrie to sell. I just want one to put on display; I'm not even worried about the box being in mint condition or anything. I would like one of the version 2 "perfect transformation" ones if possible, without cracked shoulders... Please email me at judge242 at gmail dot com, or message me here, if you are selling one. Thank you! Doug
  12. ...a MIB version 2 VF-1D with option parts. If there's anyone with an extra one and doesn't have a Cavaliers one, please consider this offer. The item will be shipped from Japan.
  13. Hi guys, I have a VF-0S and I've had it since christmas and I lost the sticker sheet about a month ago.I was trying to put some stickers on my Ghost Booster part that holds the missile. The sticker says "VF-ZERO SWE U.N.SPACY" and I need around 6 on the sheet. Can any one help me.
  14. My somewhat large list of items for sale. I've been on MW for quite a while, just haven't been very active lately. I'm on the Straight Shooters List All boxes are C9-9.5 with minor corner wear unless specified. Shipping from Canada via Canada Post. LMK if you would like another method. I can ship to US and Canada, mostly. For international shipping, there are a few countries that Canada Post currently provides tracking to at the moment. However, package weight must be less than 2 kg. Over 2 kg or some other countries have no tracking. Paypal as gift or +4%. All prices are pre-shipping. PM me your location and I can provide you a shipping price. I'll try to post all pics whenever I can. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bandai Macross 1/55 VF-1S Roy Super $160 - New Yamato Macross Plus 1/72 YF-21 Ver 1 $30 - used complete, stress marks on one flap, and paint chip on leg. Bandai DX Chogokin GD-99 Aquarion $330 - MIB Transformed once, then stored back in box. Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-13 Dancouga $300 - MISB (slight dent in corners) Gundam FIX Figuration 0003 Zephyranthes - MIB $30 Gundam FIX Figuration 0007 G-3 G-Armor - MIB $60 Gundam FIX Figuration 0010 RX-78 GP04G Gerbera - MIB $50 (gun handle has 1 cm glue residue from manufacturer, about 5mm) Gundam FIX Figuration 0012 Gundam Mk II 02 - MIB $30 Gundam FIX Figuration 0012 Gundam Mk II 01 - MISB $40 Gundam FIX Figuration 0012 Gundam Mk II 02 - MISB $40 Gundam FIX Figuration 0012 Gundam Mk II 03 - MISB $35 (top flap has some edge wear) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for looking!
  15. :edit: Sold! I'm selling off my first-edition Yamato YF-21. Has the FAST packs, fold-booster adapters, and display stand included. Guld and gunpods too, of course. Just photographed it a week or so to show its current condition. It isn't flawless however---as at least a couple YF-21's have developed due to Yamato's stupid "de-limited mode" gimmick, the plastic cover on the right-front of the thigh next to the "remove the legs" hinge-joint developed a crack. I glued it with Plastruct Weld (one of the few solvent glues that'll work on the ABS Yamato uses) and also reinforced it from behind and within with layers of superglue. It has literally been years since the crack happened and I fixed it, and it hasn't ever opened back up--but of course I can't guarantee the fix is utterly permanent. Deliberately took pics trying to show it--it's at the very thinnest spot, right in front of the hip-joint opening. I didn't transform it too many times after the fix---but I did just take it from fighter, to battroid, and back to fighter again during this photo shoot to make sure everything was still fine, the joints hadn't loosened, etc. Pleased to say it's as good as it's been in years. Wings aren't floppy/droopy at all, as you can see in the pics. No broken pegs/tabs on the belly plates, and they do line up well---I took pics of the bottom just to show this. (another common issue with the -21/22) Anyways---asking $150 *or best offer*, I do accept Paypal, and I will ship internationally. (so long as it's not one of the countries on the list for "excessive mail fraud/high-risk" like Nigeria and Romania) Sticker-sheet is completely un-used. And the antenna has never come off/been bent. Please PM any offers, questions, etc.
  16. If you have a Yamato Chirico (or plan to get one), and never got the upgrade parts that come with the pricey Fyana figs, here they are. Upgrade Chirico's look and also get a custom hand-painted travel pack and 'Zoffy' pistol firing effect. $39 + $6 shipping
  17. I have ONE Yamato VF-4G for TRADE.....my trade requirements are pretty specific SOLD I will trade the VF-4G for the following: Yamato 1/60 VF-1D 30th anniversary with option parts (Or have one for sale? Can pay up to $200 shipped depending on condition) AND Yamato 1/60 YF-19 with Fold Booster combo pack (Or have one for sale? Can pay up to $250 shipped depending on condition) The valks can be in displayed condition, but must be unstickered and complete...nothing broken or missing...boxes must be in excellent shape Additionally.....I would be willing to trade for any of the vintage Macross items listed here: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=36106&view=findpost&p=948206 Thanks for looking....
  18. I know these are hard to find, but I am lookign for a Yamato MIB VF-X, I have a Yamato VF-1D Virgin Road 1/60 MIB that I am willing to trade. I will post some picture soon, but if any one is willing/wanting to do a trade or negotiate, please respond. Added photo on 3 Feb 2013.
  19. For Sale is a 1/60 Tow Tractor with a tow hook that connects to the VF-1 v.2. Comes with a driver. 30 unpainted. 20 add'l for paint service All prices USD and doesn't include shipping and PP fees. See this thread for more pics and discussion. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=38529 Click on Miss Captain America to send me a PM! Thanks!
  20. Here is a set of custom made 1/60 support vehicles for your valks and destroids. They look quite incredible displayed alongside a 1/60 collection. BOOM TRUCK - Rotating, extendable lift with working metal piston, removable cab to add 'glass' and drivers ( 5.75" x 2" x 1.75" ) M-299 PERSONNEL JEEP GU-11 GUN POD LIFTER - Has working parts to actual lift back and forth, but best adjusted to your desired height and glued in place FUEL TRAILER TUG or TOW VEHICLE - Can tow Gun Pod Lifter, Fuel Trailer or 1/60 Valk with special tow piece These were very expensive to have made, and they are already painted and weathered which suits most toy collectors. I much prefer shipping to U.S. - PM me soon if these are something you want... $289 + $10 shipping, PayPal gift
  21. I have never sold on here before so bare with me. I have for sale (1) Yamato V2 VF-1S TV version and (1) Yamato V2 VF-1S TV version with Strike Parts. Both are MIB. The box was opened (there was no tape on box just the tabs) to inspect only but valks have never been removed from tray. Sticker sheets also included. I am asking $150 for the VF-1S and $250 for the VF-1S with strike parts shipped. I accept pay-pal and if interested please contact me. I posted a picture and if you want to see more photos just ask. US buyers only. I am also willing to trade one of these for an MIB VF-X or some other combination of a trade and price difference. Update 22 March: TV Version VF-1 Sold
  22. WANTED: 1/60 Yamato Fan Racer Kit with Hikaru figure ALSO: Atelier Sei Linna Green Bubblegum Crisis Yamato Megazone 23 limited metallic version with book and DVD Bandai Spec Dragonar 3 Pitroad 1/24 Patlabor COMPLETED Command Car WAVE Helldiver and first release Ingram (yellow box) THX
  23. Was displayed, transformed a couple of times, and otherwise complete. I have the original box and packaging as well. I would imagine shipping this hunk would run $40 ish in the US, but correct me on this one if I'm wrong. Asking $350+shipping, and per paypal transaction, +5% to cover the paypal fees.
  24. Hey all, selling my Olive Drab Yamato Destroid Tomahawk Weathering Special. Toy has been removed form the box, displayed in a glass case, and put back in the box. Toy is minty minty mint. Box is C9, nearly perfect. $100 includes shipping in the Continental US.
  25. This will be a long post, sorry. Just to start off with---while I much prefer postal money orders, I do now accept Paypal. Asking $170 *or best offer*. Seriously, make an offer, I'm looking to sell. Now for the description: Long story short: It is not strictly MISB, but it *is* better than new! I opened up the box, transformed it once, then went to work fixing the flaws the 1/48's tend to have, like a weak BP8 piece and the gap in the forward fuselage halves. I took it apart, tweaked all the hinges so everything transforms smoothly, made fillets of superglue inside the backpack to reinforce the infamous BP8 hinge joints, tweaked the nosegear hinge so that the fuselage no longer splits apart when the gear retracts, removed and reinstalled (in the correct position) the aux air intakes, tweaked the airbrake hinge so it closes perfectly flush, etc. But since all the work is "inside" you'd never know anything had been done My goal was to try to make everything transform "just right" so that it'd (hopefully)never break, while keeping the outside "factory fresh". Just a bunch of little tweaks, to try to make it "perfect". It's only been transformed maybe 3 or 4 times since reassembly. Stickers etc unapplied, except for the cockpit instrument panel stickers, which were carefully trimmed to size then sealed. It's been a couple years and it hasn't peeled at all. The only visible difference is that I painted the landing light on the forward nosegear door silver, then put a coat of clear over it for a lens. This detail is overlooked on every toy, but it's blatantly obvious in the animation and Kawamori's sketches---plus wm cheng always does it like this on all his models. (I mean, they actually mold the landing light in the door---but then they paint right over it) I also painted the very tips of the barrels inside the gunpod muzzle in silver, to highlight the edges of the barrels just a bit. (otherwise you just see blackness). As I said--it is not technically MIB, but it is IMHO "a better toy than when it was sealed". Those 2 spots of silver (landing light and gun barrels) are the only visible changes. Everything else is just "internal tweaks to make parts fit better, transform easier, and prevent any future breakages". I also fiddled with the gear door hinges inside so they don't jiggle around in battroid mode, etc--they stay in place. Just lots of little tweaks at pretty much every hinge the toy has. Small missiles never removed from sprues, most large missiles never removed from tray. And now pics: Basically, I tried to make a "worry-free" Milia, that you don't have to worry about having any issues with. Everything is smooth yet tight---things stay in place, yet you don't have to force it to move it. I'm of course on the good seller list here for multiple valk sales, and have 150+ flawless feedback on ebay.
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