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  1. Just echoing here as well. Main reason why i never really got into frontier valks was the way the wings just hangs there in battroid mode. Also why the 171 still has the best battroid mode for me. Second reason is the head...
  2. 20 year old design but operationally only 10 years old as the IOC was back in 2005. That said, I get what you meant.
  3. I clicked on the title with much gusto but the trailer and director is such a let down. Doesn't say anything beyond "Ian is Holmes and he's old. Sherlock too."
  4. Why would being in stock be a bad thing?
  5. Space brick in the warehouse. Time to get it shipped. Wait, nooooo I mean Commander Star Saber Sir. Let's say go!
  6. Premise looks a bit boring for an entire movie. They could probably fit all the good jokes into a 30min video.
  7. Indeed they all use active stealth anyway, whatever that really is.
  8. I agree and would be over the moon if they made one with this canopy. However I do like both the 21's(to illustrate brainwave tech) and the 22(to show the zentradi design lineage). Well that's how I would interpret it anyway.
  9. This. All my dozen VF-22S can also stand in battroid mode. Just make sure the surface is not super slippery.
  10. And a kudos back to spanner76 for being so awesome to deal with!
  11. Least fav - The CF-171, mainly due to the QA, but I still love the design and I have one that's not broken. My eternal fav is still the YF-21/22 mold. Still the best designed valk by Kawamori thus far in my opinion, really sexy in all angles. If Arcadia ever releases a refresh I will be a poor man indeed. I treat my valks like overproduced models though, and not really toys. Having said that I regularly swoosh them around and have probably extended the landing gears of all my valks about twenty times the frequency of my transforming them.
  12. If my experience with previous valks are anything to go by, it'll grow on me the longer I own it even if it's pink.
  13. Pretty sure if you paint stripes on them hogs... Anyway it's a question of budget, I'm sure the airmen would not mind having the hogs around more if they don't have to sacrifice other elements. Bottom line, they had to choose and they chose the fast jets.
  14. Off topic but the last time I visited Akiba a month ago i was hard pressed to find any macross items. The funny thing was the only item i bought after browsing for two hours was a collapsible trolley as I was helping my future in laws move. I really don't think it's worth the energy and will be giving that area a pass unless friends are asking me to grab something. There was also absolutely nothing in the dozen or so big/yodobashi cameras I visited.
  15. I practice iaido and can't for the love of me see what's so "Dojo" about the prequel fights. More fencing and gymnastics than sword fighting. Perhaps a bit of wushu performances? On the flipside, the OT fight between obiwan and vader actually reminds me more of kendo.
  16. Please forgive me if I am misunderstanding hollywood vernacular but has the term human condition been subverted towards negativity and pansification(not a word)? AFAIK the term is neutral and all encompassing which contributes very little towards any discussion, and shouldn't be brandished about like a meter long trout. Using it as the base of any discussion is like say, attempting the long jump by starting the run in quicksand. On topic, I just watched the 2009 movie again while waiting for the fireworks to go up and it was quite entertaining although there were some painful plot moments. I am going in with no expectations so this new one may surprise me.
  17. What? You actually pay for them? I just use empty disused toynami masterpiece boxes.
  18. Challenge accepted. For me the old girl seems to be lost in those chunks of grey.
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