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  1. Wow thanks, kinda rare to birds being discounted, I suppose this model isn't doing too well eh.
  2. Chronos sold! Cleaned up OP and added trade wants.
  3. Hi all, Looking for one. Am located in Australia so please PM me your price and shipping if applicable. Can COD in Melbourne. Thanks! Also have VF-19S and YF-29 Alto to trade/offset.
  4. Has HLJ or amiami opened their pre-orders for Kairos? It's about the only Delta design I truly love.
  5. VF-19 Adv sold, and prices lowered for the weekend!
  6. Replied. Also, Miria's best ride posted :).
  7. That would be $30. Update: VF-22S sold.
  8. These have been in their boxes for some time now that I am lacking display space so looking to get them to a good home. Conditions: - Location is in Melbourne Australia. - Prices are in USD, and includes shipping to the US. If you are not in the US or local PM me and I'll give you a quote. For a rough guide, expect prices without shipping to be around 30-50 dollars cheaper. - Payment is via paypal gifting. Prices can be negotiated especially if you buy more than one. Let me know if you have any questions! Now on to the birds: 1) 1/60 VF-19S. Transformed, cockpit canopy has a bit if scruff(look at picture below) due to its position in battroid mode. Complete in box. $240 2) DX YF-29 Alto. Transformed a couple of times. First issue. Shoulders are ok I last checked. Complete in box. $240 I also have YF-29 super parts for Ozma. $50 (without shipping). Am looking for DX sv-262 for trade or sale, PM with offer. Thanks for looking.
  9. This thread is sorely lacking the best bird . Seriously though having downsized a few times the past few years due to multiple moves/(single)marriage all your photos are hitting me with waves of nostalgia. My only display at the moment is at my work desk, but I'm still happy I get to pair up (undoubtedly) the best android and (arguably) the best valk! And to think I used to have a dozen of VF-22S!
  10. Hmm. Space is limited right now but will try to make that work
  11. Thanks for all the temptations, but I have fortitude. Mainly because I'm waiting for the cannon fodder type with the less flashy wings. Is that ever going to come?
  12. Thanks dizman, spent an hour watching the videos :). The main reason why I'm looking at this valk. Same reason why I bought huge amounts of the 21/22. I rarely transform them, just the possibilities of it makes me happy because they are such sleek machines.
  13. That seriously looks tempting. Need to watch a video of the transformation to get a better understanding of what you guys are talking about with regards to complexity. In other news, just got back into the scene - really missed the forum!
  14. Loved it, despite it not being informational at all. Goosebumps galore. The movies were fun, but prefer something closer to the roots sometimes.
  15. Knees are a bit similar to the 21's.
  16. Worth it for the fighter mode alone, this is going to be the queen to the king of the 21 in terms of aesthetics. I'm actually going to be afraid of transforming it and bandai doing a 171CF on me.
  17. I'm also for the dog head, never liked cone heads and never will.
  18. I've said before that I prefer the 262 over the 31, but this just widened the gap by miles. Though the knight theme makes you wonder if the inevitable special editions will look like samurais instead?
  19. Nice, the commander didn't look as garish as I thought it would.
  20. IIRC the 4000 was a bid for the fighter contract from KSA, which fell through.
  21. Actually I hope that die-cast will be used only where needed because making the figure a lot heavier will be bad for the joints and swooshing factor.
  22. Yeah there seems to be a quirky way the arms tab onto the legs for Minos as well, but like you said it's nice to have a decent Leozack. Victory is actually the transformers I grew up with, so clearly there is some interest but even if I do get this will probably display them separately. I might just get the jets and forget about the combined mode. Perhaps if Victory Leo is on the horizons or if a 3P is attempting Road Caesar.
  23. TFC's Minos. Finally a transformable Rafale that has most of the right curves! Very happy. The quality is higher than I expected, only had a few issues tabbing the hands when transforming to jet mode. The lil batbreast is kinda cute. This is my first ever 3P, mind. Can't wait for not-Gaihawk so I'll have a transformable MiG-29. I'm still on the fence on collecting the entire set and not-Leozack seems kinda blocky. Anybody else getting these? What are your opinions?
  24. Well, it's immensely better than space fairies.
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