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  1. Thank goodness I have Naked Wing Syndrome, can't stand any loads spoiling that sweet sweet streamline wing.
  2. Well there's no point in having that policy if there isn't any enforcement, although they should be a bit more consistent.
  3. I'm a landing gear guy and although I still prefer Arc/Yam's this Bandai is a-ok.
  4. I'm actually waiting for a sale at HLJ before I ship it. Too bad they don't do pick up or local postage in Japan.
  5. Yeah paid for mine and I ordered just last week.
  6. Only three questions, not a lot of variability there.
  7. I would agree as well that out of all my valks Yammie's VF-19S is the best toy - it has taken a lot of abuse(well, relative to the others), survived a few flaws, won a battle with my fingers(the sharp edges. sheesh) and is easily transformed without me hyperventilating. I just wished it was matte, but that's a different battle. The 19 is my second fav design as well, after the 21/22, with the 30 coming in third. The VF-1 is err...10th? /duck for cover
  8. Looks really good. Hope the QC holds up. I like that there's a waist swivel due to the fold up nose gear.
  9. Thanks, for the impulse purchase... /Enter justification mode. Eh I have a Yf-21 from Yamato but not the YF-19 from either Yammie or Arcadia. The 19 should be from a different toy company since...in M+ they're from different manufacturers anyway right? Ok let's go with that. /Exit justification mode.
  10. Well considering one of the USMC's airwing's main role is tactical airlift I'm not really surprised.
  11. Eh the past few TF films I went in with the same expectations and brain setting i would have for a spongebob film and came out reasonably satisfied. Well actually a spongebob film would have better and more witty script. OK scratch that bit then.
  12. I think the inconsistency is the narrative one, what is Kirk doing in the shuttlecraft then? Did he drop the blonde off before heading to the bridge? What is the significance of shooting him in the shuttle then? Why is the captain dropping them off? Just examples. I love the movie. Just wanting to show what he meant.
  13. Some of you probably have seen this, but man. Love this approach. Music and wings man...straight to the heart.
  14. Yeah in the 22s, the gunpods were molded in. Only the 21 or the 21+FP has that function. I don't really use it much though detracts from the sleekness of the fuselage.
  15. Was so excited till i saw the fighter mode. I'm a fighter guy and that looks...weird with that hump that's nowhere near as sleek as the line art. Ah well.
  16. Shouldn't be a big problem, worst case scenario - delimiter version! The fighter lines of the 21/22 are just so sleek.
  17. This just reminds me of the YF-21 http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-successfully-tests-shape-changing-wing-for-next-generation-aviation
  18. Would be funny if someone send their credit card or password details.
  19. All those 21 improvements are kinda minor, and won't be enough for me to repurchase them. I would prefer if they focus on the sv-51 or the heatshield on the 11 as that is actually annoying enough. Remember guys the key to getting your 21 to stand in battroid is rough surfaces with locked ankles. It's still the most amazing mass shifting illusion valk I have and only one where it stumped my non macross friends how it actually transforms. With other valks they can visually identify the legs in fighter modes and go from there for example. Don't even get me started on frontier backpack wings.
  20. It's got a pretty lukewarm response so far. Lot's of compromises in terms of spec/cost.
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