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  1. Dang my dislike for coneheads is pushing me back towards the commander version. Perhaps this could be an excuse to buy two, one of each type for each mode?
  2. Hooo yeah. That's amazing and better than anything from frontier. So so stoked. Probably just get either the commander or CF but only one.
  3. We could definitely use the Raptors, given the expanse of our airspace, though most of the threat is sorta northerly. We had to buy the 35s because we can't fly Rhinos forever.
  4. Same here I'm also waiting for the 262 CF instead of the knights.
  5. This is just a tech demonstrator for testing mainly three things: 1) The vector thrust flight dynamics 2) Indigenous stealth skin and geometry development 3) Their networks and interoperability with ground and naval forces on a stealth platform. Keeping the gear down for the first test flight is very normal, and no it's not going fast enough to damage them. If it ever goes into production it will look quite different I'd imagine.
  6. Japan's X-2 finally tasted freedom in the skies. Looks really cute too, like how they got their eagles and F-2s out for the party.
  7. Hmm, seems like this concept would work well with say armored vehicles in maybe 1/60 or 1/72 scale. I would get on those quite quickly.
  8. Wonder if it's big enough for actuators on the flaps and horizontal stabs.
  9. I've had mine for a year now and still have not transformed it because of how much I love the fighter mode. Maybe I should really do it.
  10. Thanks. Still do look rather interesting. Perfect for swooshing around.
  11. It's like a huge ball of dough made with cliche and plastic CGI. Every single shot I was like "why do I care?". I think they missed the human element. But then again this is just a trailer trying to show off the flashy bits.
  12. Probably "micro verniers" that you can't see would explain it.
  13. So just confirming that these are prepainted plastic model kits? Are the parts still on sprues?
  14. Yeah it does, but I like how the lines are not broken by the canopy. Definitely makes it shine and feels different. I actually like bigger, and more bulbous canopies as well as shorter noses. I don't think it makes them less aggressive however, but smaller canopies/long nose combo to me just doesn't look aesthetically pleasing. My favorite so far is still the 21/22 in terms of balance. Looks pretty aggressive to me.
  15. If anything the 31 droop seems to be more severe than the 25 and it actually reminded me of the VF-2SS. The canopy also looks more modern and sleek, like the latest model of a supercar.
  16. Ah I didn't notice, but I got a translator to see if there are any interesting bits they wrote.
  17. Apparently the grey chevron things on the wings are translated as "Rear Intakes". Interesting, ram scoops?
  18. If you are interested in the nose profiles. Raised the contrast to make the lines a bit more visible.
  19. Found this is in a mag I purchased. Seems like the vertical stab is split in two. I have more pics, there is an entire section just for the 262 and the 31.
  20. Looks good, waiting eagerly for the CFs.
  21. Yaiks, that looked like a fan made shot. I think Scarlet's a real beauty but that shot did not do her justice at all.
  22. This is an interesting interview with an Italian test pilot who ferried the first F-35 built outside the US across the Atlantic: http://www.sldinfo.com/ninja-discusses-his-f-35-flight-across-the-atlantic-the-right-stuff-italian-style/ Of particular note is the way he described the helmet, which reminded me of Macross Plus, naturally. "I was able to see the aircraft surrounding me through the clouds, such as keeping distance with my tankers, by using my helmet and the Distributed Aperture System and see the C-130s below me below the clouds." and "Question: What is it like to cross the Atlantic with DAS? Answer: It is IR so much of its functionality is used during the night not the day, although you do look through your legs and could see buildings, intersections, and various landmarks while flying." Very cool I thought.
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