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  1. You should get an e-mail in the next few days with the calculated final cost, so for now all you have to do is wait
  2. I think its that he doesn't like valkgirls. 316294[/snapback] Perhaps, but that makes the post even more pointless
  3. Sweet, I finally picked up FS2004 so I'm looking forward to flying the finished product
  4. Your point being what may I ask?
  5. Hey Chrono will the completed 19 be FS2004 compatable?
  6. Put me down for one, it looks too good to turn down!
  7. These are sweet What software are you using to make them?
  8. The only problems SP2 has is that some programs won't run anymore, the firewall can be shut down with a simple command comming from internet, idiots and it auto-updates itself without asking, so it can reboot itself without asking while you're doing something important Well, that's Micro$oft for ya That would by why I didn't get it, plus on some pcs it can cause serious damage to files on your hard drive or windows itself, thus requiring a reformatting of the hard disk. Supposedly that's only the case with illegal copies of XP but I'm not risking it
  9. Did you import one, or find a retailer that broke the street date? I REALLY want a PSP NOW... I imported. Had mine for about 2 months now You don't have long to wait though do you? The rest of my fellow europeans have to wait till june/july
  10. Yeah, the announcement of the square button fix came after Kutaragi's infamous speech comparing the PSP to the work of a brilliant architect. Sony is now repairing PSPs in Japan with square button issues, and the US release is supposed to be free of said square button issue. As for the the UMDs popping out, yeah, that's still a problem... if you like strangling your handhelds as you play them. From what I read, it's not like a bomb ready to go off if you touch it the wrong way, you really have to twist something that you really shouldn't have been twisting in the first place. First hand view on square button and umd ejecting: No issues with the button sticking on mine. Tis a tad more clicky when pressed than the other buttons but nothing severe. UMD ejecting? Hasn't happened once. I reckon I'd practically have to break it to make that happen and I'm definately not doing that!
  11. How are you guys finding the license tests? I've noticed that while not too difficult, failure seems to be pretty easy. I usually end up hearing that "ooh yeah" song about 3/4 times before I pass... I'm still halfway through the S tests though so I'm happy
  12. I was hoping for the Trans Am too, that sucks. I still can't wait to play it though, comes out here in europe next wednesday
  13. Till when? It was the end of March wasn't it? I want my copy of Wipeout Pure! (Actually I just want some games in English, took me about an hour to figure Mina no Golf out) rumors saying april to june for eu release. Why the heck has this happened?
  14. Till when? It was the end of March wasn't it? I want my copy of Wipeout Pure! (Actually I just want some games in English, took me about an hour to figure Mina no Golf out)
  15. Finally got a Grimlock last week. Anybody else find it really difficult to transform without the doors falling off?
  16. I think one car attracted me to Gunsmith Cats: '67(?) Shelby GT 500
  17. That would explain the stress vein on their heads
  18. looks like ebay stores are selling him for around 135 bucks... who knows why individuals don't want to sell theirs.. maybe they like it and want to keep it I'd say that's true. I'm not selling my Takara MP Prime anytime soon I can tell you that
  19. Don't have a fav opening for this season but my fav closing currently is from School Rumble
  20. A quick question of the subject of MG AV-98s: Where's the best place on the net to order these guys?
  21. Just watched M0 from start to finish for the first time yesterday. It was very nicely done in my opinion, though I didn't like how the plot kind of "jumped" in ep 4. The ending was definately strange and I think I'll have to watch the series a second time to get it
  22. Top 5 mecha heads: VF-1J YF-19 AV-98 'Alphonse' AV-0 Zeta/Zeta Plus
  23. I'm glad I knew about what sp2 does to your comp so I didn't d/l it Yeah I don't mind waiting, it's better to get the job done right than rush and mess up
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