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  1. Update: I've just got my SoC EVA-01 and it's gotta be one of the best things I've ever bought
  2. isn't that plane and the upgraded JSDF F-15 in Patlabor 2?
  3. you pretty much summed up what i like about the VF-11 there
  4. on the comment about the designs, i was just making an observation, not complaining. i like the AC designs so its good to see some similar
  5. Thats what i like about my unit 02 figure. i also like the level of poseability it has
  6. Wa? I missed it... how'd ya miss that? :P
  7. good idea using the slogan 'got milk?' for one of the censor banners Dangaioh
  8. ive got Kaiyodo's EoE EVA-02, which imo is one of their better ones. ill be getting the SOC unit 01 soon and the 04 when it comes out
  9. that was a lot of info to take in knight but it made a lot of sense
  10. is it just me or is mr kawamori using a fair bit of AC- style designs in M0? i say this cos the destroid looks like one of the various AC configurations you can make in the game and the torso section of the VF-0 armor looks similar to a core part design (before you say so, i know he did the desgins in the AC game series)
  11. I own both the ZOE games. Are these animes a worthy addition to go along with them?
  12. I don't remember seeing any eye candy in the first episode of Evangelion..... ....oh that's right. They waited for the 2nd episode. You got it in one there :P
  13. Reasons why i like evangelion: Big bots Big fights Big explosions Some humourous scenes and lastly, eye candy
  14. I agree. Yamato have put a lot of time and effort into the 1/48
  15. its hard to resist removing it from the box, i should know. my smokey is out of the box and on display on my shelf id put a pic up of it but i haven't taken one yet
  16. w00t! thats my valk! (im the creator of that thread, alex_jb) gerwalk is my fav mode in general, especially becacuse it looks imposing on the 1/48
  17. nice pic! i just pose mine most of the time but every now and then i fly them around the room, occasionally with sound effects
  18. the name's a giveaway like my avatar is
  19. my fav is the VF-11. even if it is cannon fodder, the fighter mode just looks cool 2nd place goes to the YF-19 and 3rd to the VF-1
  20. i took the super glue approach. fortunately because the damage was inside the nose gear bay it can't be seen
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