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  1. ive just been looking at the site where that lego jehuty was found. this person is damn good!
  2. whats the url for imacross? ive always wanted to play vfx/vfx2
  3. i only have the VF-11B fastpack but i got that from Epic Heroes finding macross toys in england is like looking for a needle in a haystack
  4. doesnt seem to be as its a pure fighter mode model
  5. i got a special dvd edition of macross plus which had both the OVA episodes and movie for £20, which is about $32. sounds like someone got ripped off o.o
  6. ACs in macross zero? that sounds cool B) ACs were designed by Kawamori weren't they? though i should know that as i have AC2, AA and 3
  7. 1/48 is too big in my opinion, and mostly likely too expensive. therefore 1/60 would be best for me as it would be more affordable
  8. that makes me think. are there any ZOE figures/model kits?
  9. i think i will try making one, the only issue is that not many macross models are available in england o.O
  10. i havent got FS2004 yet but ill probably get it at a later date
  11. those Q-Rau models rock! i wish i could do stuff like that B)
  12. man i cant wait to get one! however ill have to wait a couple of weeks so i have enough cash
  13. well i taped down the shield on the VF-11B to see if it hampers the transformation and have found it doesnt get in the way. however, if you are tempted to glue the shield on, remember you wont be able to take it back off again so only do it if you are absolutely sure you want to
  14. i had the same problem with the shield. i tried filing the peg a bit but that just mades things worse. ive remedied the problem by putting masking tape around the main peg which keeps it firmly in place. thing is, if you glue the shield on, wont it make the transformation a little arkward?
  15. hmm thats what i heard as well, due to his dislike of the Mac 2 mecha designs i think
  16. i think ill d/l it again now ive got myself itching to play it
  17. unfortunately im not sure if anybody's done one. 1 thing id like to see though is an FS2002/2004 version of any of the variable fighters. ive got a VF-1J flight model but it isnt very well detailed
  18. well that confirms it. ill buy one within the next 2 weeks. once i get it ill tell you guys my opinion of it in the toy review section
  19. 1/48: 0 1/60: 0 1/72: 1 (will become 2 within the next month)
  20. i know you cant give out info on the YF-19 FP Graham, but can you give us a vague idea of when it will be released?
  21. yeh the legs positions for each mode would be very hard to translate to a perfect transforming figure as this image shows
  22. 1/48 versions of the 11, 19 and 21 would be very cool
  23. Name: Alexander Age: 19 Height: 5ft 5 Weight: 9st 4lbs Occupation: Warehouse operative (for now) Location: England Body: Athletic, reasonably defined but I need to get back to the gym o.O Relationship Status: Single This was from a family holiday in Italy in 2002. I'm on the far left (not like it wasn't obvious lol)
  24. the first of the final bosses is a baby in some sort of glass chamber
  25. i think ill probably get one as despite its shortcomings, ill probably still like it. besides, i need to judge it for myself B)
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