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    YF-21 FP

    i own both the 21 and have noticed it can be annoying to transform. i never have problems going from fighter to gerwalk/battroid just changing back to fighter as it always takes a couple of attempts to get everything to interlock correctly eg. the air intakes and head cowling
  2. I agree. I have the EoE EVA 02 and the hunched posture gives it a more aggressive appearance in my opinion
  3. thanks, im gunna make my VF-19 colour scheme now
  4. where did you get thoses blanks from? if theres a site can you give me the url please. by the way, nice work
  5. lets see... the most ive spent so far on macross toys is £107 on the 1/48 VF-1A Max
  6. I have both M Plus Fastpack Valks and I think they're both rather good. I hesitated about getting the 21 but I realised like VF-19 said, I'd be pissed off if I missed out, so I got it. I reviewed both on this forum so go to the toy reviews section if you want to know what's good and bad about them hevangel2
  7. gotta love these pics B) macross girls rule all
  8. Good luck angel's fury! ^^ If you get the 19 FP before me then yes please do a review B)
  9. update: turns out they're out of stock of the Low Vis I am most disappointed
  10. sounds like it'll be a while till you can get it
  11. yay! more pretty valkgirls
  12. no problem it was long overdue. my next review will be of the VF-1A Low Vis with pics of course
  13. ive had mine for 3 months. so far the hips are doing fine and there's no stress marks
  14. That only applies to the first version. The 11 FP has rienforced hip joints
  15. I got my 11 FP back in july and it was my first Yammie. I was itching to get it so I could just stare at it in awe, which is what I did. Although not as detailed as the other scales, I prefer my 11 to my 21 as IMO it looks better and of course is easier to transform. Like all the other Yamatos, its best mode is the fighter which is sleek and has nice lines. My only gripes are that the tail fins are too small and for some reason the left shoulder plate sticks up The gerwalk mode is my personal favorite mode. There's no difficulty in posing it and no lack of balance, plus it looks really cool from certain angles. Battroid is generally nice looking but not very poseable. The head does sit a little far back but that can't be helped. the heatshield is kept on by 2 little tabs but I've found its easier just to place it on using double sided tape. The gunpod has a decent amount of detail and has a bayonet on the end of the barrel that can be flipped out. The fastpacks are a generally nice addition but the dorsal packs look somewhat undersized and cannot be seen properly in battroid. Now for the main gripes: Bits of paint have chipped of the legs after numerous transformations plus on mine the shoulder joint on the left arm has come loose and I haven't found a remedy for that yet but I'm not too bothered either. Lastly the shield started to refuse to stay on in fighter mode. I fixed that by applying a bit of model glue to the plug of reshape the it without bonding it to the arm and it now fits snugly. Overall it's a nice edition to your collection if like me you don't have the original version and is also a decent way to kick off your collection too if you don't already have any Yammies. You can images of mine at my model and figures page
  16. i have both the movie and OVA. its good to compare both of them as they both have bits that are really good eg. the test run fight where the 19 rips off the 21's right arm in the OVA
  17. well there's the YF-19 FP at the start of next year. we should also see some Mac 0 toys as well in 2004 and ive heard they'll be doing the Monster too
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