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  1. i just bought the takara die-cast version of smokescreen and i must say it looks awesome it was the last one at the store where i bought it too!
  2. i need urgent help. one of the tabs that holds the nose gear in place on my 1/48 has broken off. what sort of glue should i use to fix it?
  3. nice pics! by the way love the fan service av skull leader
  4. BG Crash was very disapointing in comparison to the 2 series though 2040 is only just better in my opinion. The original crisis was the best by far and im planning on getting the dvds soon
  5. Very impressive pics. I'd love to see more
  6. I found 2040 dissappointing in comparison to the original. The only thing I liked is that the hardsuit designs from Bubblegum Crash were used. Vote-wise I've gone for Nene as I think she's just plain cute By the way, Sylia is ok but she's the least interesting of the 4 in my opinion
  7. where did that height chart come from? ive seen it before and theres one with 'real' robots eg. the VFs, as well that ive seen before
  8. Update: The final flight has touched down at Heathrow Airport and thus the era of Concorde has ended.
  9. My most fav military aircraft is the YF-23. It looks awesome and on FS 2002, it flys great too Most fav civilian aircraft is the 757-200. I just think its a nice plane and it's also the one I've flown in the most
  10. Sweet poem there. Concorde will be greatly missed. I also hoped to fly in it one day, but now that day will never come. I salute the pilots that have had the honour of flying such an iconic aircraft and I hope in my lifetime there will be another speedbird as majestic as concorde was. Godspeed Concorde, fly like you've never flown before and touch the stars.
  11. awesome pics there david. its shame the YF-23 didn't win
  12. i wonder if anyone's tried doing it in 1/48...
  13. #My lovely horse running through the..fields...# I made a post in the closed original thread but heres me again age: 19 location: england
  14. I used EMS to get my 1/48 VF-1A Max from HLJ. It arrived in perfect condition 5 days after they shipped it. I thought it would have taken longer with me living in England so I was quite suprised. By the sounds of things SAL isn't a very good service so I think I'll stick with EMS for my HLJ orders
  15. The YF-21/VF-22 looks like a slightly fattened up YF-23 which proves thats what it was based on. Its the same as the VF-1 looking like a modified F-14
  16. if you can get someone to texture that VF-1A up thats good at photoshop (perhaps hellohikaru if you ask nicely) that would look very good in FS2002
  17. id like to see some pics of that . i have fs2002 brian but unfortunately its only standard
  18. My 1/48 Pics - I know they're not great but I'll show them off anyway
  19. my yamato collection (and other models) My Model/Figure Collection ill be adding pics of my new 1/48 within the next few days
  20. my Yamato collection updated: 1/72 = 2 (from 1) 1/60 = 0 1/48 = 1 (from 0)
  21. Valkyrie Nut

    YF-21 FP

    no problem. if you any other questions don't hesitate to ask. i can also help out with VF-11B FP and in a little while the 1/48 VF-1 A. Just got my 1 A Max from hlj today (my 1st and probably only 1/48) and i can see why most people seem to like it so much. by the way, the hip slider is to be in the extended position for both battroid and gerwalk modes
  22. Valkyrie Nut

    YF-21 FP

    1: You need to pull the hips down until you hear a click. That means the hips are locked and won't push back up unless you provide sufficient upward pressure to the hip slider 2: You just need to be persistant. You may need something narrow like a nail file to push it down but getting your fingernail in the gap between the gun and the folded handle should work 3: The covers need to be up close to be the body and rotated so they are at the side of the leg eg: I hope that helps
  23. if you check the medal menu it tells you the critera for those medals. these are those criteria: RDF Flying Ace: get the master airman medal 3 times Southern Cross: get the gold cross medal 3 times Supernova: get the gold nova medal 3 times
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