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  1. I am pretty late to the party but is there any chance to see the 1/48 side covers added to shapeways ? I would love to add those to the earlier 1/48 yammies I have on display.
  2. PM me if the woodland deal is still available.
  3. Parts have been received. They look sturdy enough. They will need a bit of work as the little trench is not inline with the rest of the arm (no big deal; some putty, my dremmel & a bit of sanding will fix that) Parts were not from a VF1-S kit, right ?
  4. Awesome I will order and keep you posted, thks ! Edited : Ordered, I expect to get it in 10 days or so. I will post pics of the result.
  5. Hello, Is there any recaster or 3D printer able to reproduce the D06 part the arm cover (white if possible) for a Yamato 1/60 ? I would gladly pay for a replacement. Matt
  6. He is already on the SS but I have to give credit when credit is due : I had a smooth (overseas) deal for a VF-1A 1/60 yamato kit with JasonC (fast shipping, outstanding communication)
  7. Seriously, nobody. I will even be happy with a "cheap" recast.
  8. Hi, During a house cleaning session, i lost a part of my 1/60 VF-1S Yamato kit so if any recaster has a D06 white i will gladly pay for it (paypal) Let me know
  9. Okay let's sum up .... Before 2008 Q1, SV 51 - Ivanov confirmed SV 51 - Nora very likely YF 19 - New color scheme likely YF 21 - .... all available before 2008 Q1. ...
  10. Dunno if it has already been told before but it seems that user personnal photo in profile were dropped during migration. Matt.
  11. Dunno if you are still looking for it but here it is : http://www.e2046.com/categories.php?action...p;x=27&y=12 Basically they start recast when there is enough preorders.
  12. Recast or only original ones ? Note that i can't really help mine are stored away (moved to a too little flat to keep everything) but the is a bunch of recaster here.
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