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  1. I am pretty late to the party but is there any chance to see the 1/48 side covers added to shapeways ? I would love to add those to the earlier 1/48 yammies I have on display.
  2. Okay let's sum up .... Before 2008 Q1, SV 51 - Ivanov confirmed SV 51 - Nora very likely YF 19 - New color scheme likely YF 21 - .... all available before 2008 Q1. ...
  3. Dunno if it has already been told before but it seems that user personnal photo in profile were dropped during migration. Matt.
  4. Dunno if you are still looking for it but here it is : http://www.e2046.com/categories.php?action...p;x=27&y=12 Basically they start recast when there is enough preorders.
  5. Come on ! Don't start it over. But note that starting to country-bash each others from a post about a video game would probably be a first. Maybe we should after all. Edited Thanks to CoryHolmes for highlighting my mistake.....
  6. Simply outstanding. Congrats again.
  7. SV-51 is coming up as Yamato will probably make a couple of color schema a completed SV-51 squad sounds groovy but it is going to take some place on the shelves
  8. Fan of shirow's work since alog ago, i will keep an eye on this. Even if it wasn't a great title the stand alone complex game was fair and having a PS2 game about appleseed will be kinda cool i remember the famicom game appleseed, it was something like 15 years and then new anime movie, game, live movie produced by John Woo nice to see a francise that healthy
  9. +1 Anasazi37 is making very detailed water decals and stickers (professionnal paper and coated) List of decals here
  10. Okay guys French bashing mode is on, i got it. But i don't think that MW is "the" place for that, so let's cut if off. Let's say that if bashing turn you on, we could probably have a closer look US politics but i know for sure that MW is really not the place for that. To get back to the topic, "Les chevaliers du ciel" .... not a piece of art IMO.
  11. I think the Tachi is already on Pre-order : http://www.hlj.com/product/MEG80671
  12. If i remember correctly Macross VOXP game included some original sounds in fair quality (Wav format i think)
  13. A little of completist collector: i got almost all model released By Yamato (in 1/48 + 1/60 VF-0S and Millia Q-Rau) no dupes except for 1J hik ( 1 Super, 2 std ) , i passed on Koeing, Max Q-Rau, LV2, GBP LV ) mostly because i get bored with the Huge Yamato boxes and since i moved to the smallest flat i ever had, i had to think twice before getting more yammies, and overall because of their almost-monthly release, simply i can't keep up. So since VF0-S, i now get only the ones that i like (next one Kakizaki is okay but Angel bird .... come on how many different VF-1A release it will make ? )
  14. I second that the box for the Super 1J St. is really huge. It contains actually the 2 standard 1/48 box ( 1/48 normal type + 1/48 Super/Strike accessory both in a shiny shiny white color) IMO a package like the Hikaru Super 1J packaging (Super part already fixed on valk) would have done the trick. Too bad Yamato didn't do it And now for the QC (Super): - the left wing flap is very loose too. - at least 3 visible factory dent on the wings (2 on the left one 1 one the right) - lense seems broken but not sure - Spare hands smells really funny (Yes i took a sniff at my 1/48) QC on the normal one is planned tomorrow (need to make somme space on shelf) The really good point is the Super part on the cannon fodder A-W-E-S-O-M-E !
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