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  1. Just re-added myself, must reset the older ppl on maps or something.
  2. Nice I want too! I'm liking the shiny metal paintjob.
  3. Congrats on the new baby, glad to hear that both are doing alright.
  4. Cool! I love the lighting. It so looks like its a secret entrance to somewhere.
  5. If you haven't noticed by now, I have a thing for ninja girls and girls with angel wings. So I'll go with Kasumi and Subaru from .hack/sign being the top girls right now.
  6. Nice very well done. Good job! More like this please.
  7. I get my Dengeki Hobby's and Hobby Japans from My local Comic Book Shop altho they're the ones for that month and arrive in on the last wed. of it.
  8. That place is one of those bad horror movies where the food eats you.
  9. Jeez that plane has enough missles on it? It might be something I'll have to check out, love those retro style ray gun blasts.
  10. I don't remember, I think I started to lurk around when the 1/48's came out maybe and signed up to the old forums just before Shawn and Graham switched over to this software so how long is that? maybe 2 yrs now?
  11. Oh those are classic. When did wicket make it onto a spaceship?
  12. Ha! I'm not the only person who still remembers saber rider Jeez what's up with the lame selection of episodes and I wouldn't mind see the original version of it other than the edited YTV stuff.
  13. Well I guess I shouldn't feel too old then only being 24 and all, but all my friends are getting married and having kids.
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