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  1. 樓下還真有小籠包和生煎,當然,鍋貼,湯圓,海棠糕,包子……附近很多吃的,其實拍攝的地點就在上海的城隍廟,樓頂是塊空地在進行聚會活動^____^ There are a lot of delicious food in the surrounding~~~~~~~
  2. Else of photos~ over~~the background is the Oriental Pearl~(smile )
  3. My friend photos Chinese"Dragon Boat Festival"(端午节) in yesterday, There are a few photos,wait for update~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. 你的中文真好…… and have some accent with Chinese north ||||||||||
  5. Originally ,I want to such of photograph ,The result didn't take success ……
  6. The address have not to Login : http://www.wocomic.cn/archives/1911
  7. hehehe....Actually,That is a make practical joke,use PHOTOSHOP to Play.....
  8. yes,it`s DC-8,the guy is have some errors,were dismissed by the airline So,It turned into a children's gift~~~~~~~(The place is the children's Aviation Museum)
  9. HOHOHO|||||the honor for me ... ...
  10. 5.16 web address: http://www.macross.com.cn/bbs/read.php?tid=36185 The address have not to Login : http://www.wocomic.cn/archives/1911 5.9 photo album: http://www.macross.com.cn/album/PhotoList.do?folder_id=1279 More number of photos,sorry,loading is slow
  11. http://www.tudou.com/home/user_programs.php?userID=4655025 live video,part7 is Macross 7,and Seventh Moon~ Other of 愛は流れる\私の彼はパイロット\天使の絵の具\愛·おぼえていますか.............. でも、どうして.........have gundam song and 北斗の拳||||||||||||||
  12. Pics address have links,my photo is less,because shooting other cosplayer~~~~~~~ Local Album is slow,sorry, I have`t often used the international album, Replacement album in the future.
  13. song for Frontier,Everyone sings any song together
  14. song for 星間飛行 song forノーザンクロス song for妖精 入籍します~~~~ kira~~~~~ これは何 CP!????
  15. Frontier`s Party of Shanghai 11.29 live and cosplay song for M1,M7,MF…… more: http://www.wocomic.cn/archives/1273
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