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  1. Definately gonna get Ultimate Bumbles, just for "Whip It" Plus he looks cool, would like to see a correctly transformed pic though...
  2. A cool-ish pose I tryed the day I got my 19. Was going for an "about to use a pinpoint barrier punch" look, may try to do it better another time.
  3. Chances are you will. I got charged £17.60 VAT & £14 Parcelforce handling charges
  4. Got my 19 today, it's bigger than I thought it was gonna be I found it has similar QC issues as the rest of you (landing gear, gunpod, shoulders) I nearly crapped myself during the first transformation as I got stuck during the torso split even though I was following Graham's guide. I had to loosen the screws to move it and found excess plastic on the tabs (now removed. Thanks to that I've ended up with stress marks on the grey parts and less visibly on the forward fuselage None the less, I'm still very impressed since I've wanted a YF-19 toy for a long time and now I finally have one!
  5. This might be just me, but it would appear that HLJ's customer service appears to be rather crappy in the US. I've never had any problems with deliveries or the condition of items where I am and I order from them quite often
  6. Really? I've never played the ps1 game but that would explain why the head design in the tv series & 2nd movie is different.
  7. I'm not sure really since unit 3 in Patlabor 2 has a visor. It might be the case that the TV Series version also had ECM since all the antennas on the head are larger so the main visor may have been removed for the extra components. Can anyone back me up on this as I'm not sure if this is true *needs to watch the Griffon eps again*
  8. With the exception of the second movie where Ingram 3 has ECM antennas built into its head, the only difference is the head and shoulder armour design OT: These figures don't seem to be worth the cost. Might still pick one up in Akihabara in April through if I get the chance to look at one properly
  9. Thanks for the detailed transformation guide Graham! I'll watch it a few times over the next week as I also recieved my HLJ shipping notice today
  10. The temptation is there but everyone who did an Early Bird will probably get a shipping notice next week so I'll be patient for once
  11. Great review! This toy is gonna be a good one
  12. My SOC Gunbuster finally arrived today. You guys were right, this toy is awesome! Got it displayed in the crossed arm pose on my shelf towering above my other figures
  13. Looks like the 19 will be my personal Christmas present
  14. Yeah, yet to pay for it due to lack of funds though Thank goodness this Friday is payday! Edit: ^ Is that the Pani Poni X?!
  15. Impressive pick up! I have a feeling I'll do something similar when I go next March
  16. DO WANT Thank goodness I've got the SOC Gunbuster on it's way to keep me preoccupied till this is released
  17. How long till HLJ start shipping this beauty? I need it now!
  18. I'm wanting Bumblebee and Hot Rod, might get Prime too. I don't wanna get them from Hong Kong as they always charge ridiculous prices for shipping
  19. Has anyone in England located the Classics Line yet? I'm crossing my fingers the Forbidden Planet near me will be getting them in consdering that they have started to stock the Titanium figures
  20. Wow, just wow... I'm so glad I got the Early Bird on this
  21. Got my first Revoltech figure today. I was fortunate enough to find one of the comic shops I regulary visit had Alphonse in stock so I picked it up. I'm actually quite surprised about how small it is but I love the poseability
  22. I'm not excactly sure but I think it was the VF-11 Fastpack version
  23. Hot Rod looks cool but I'm not sure it'll be worth getting considering the price of the Kiss Player figures
  24. Most of the labors are between 4-8m in height iirc. The Ingrams are 8.01m (Based on stats that came with one of my model kits) Back on topic: Revoltech figure seem to be popping all over the place here in England. 2 of the 3 comic shops I go to have Dante and the Evas in stock. I'm crossing my fingers they'll get the Ingram too.
  25. Nah, he's the car dealer that sells Bumblebee to Sam (It is Sam, right?)
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