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  1. To quote a Robot Chicken sketch I saw last night related to fembots: "Can you f@&k it?" Seriously though, I'm impressed and hope he can continue his dreams in robot development
  2. I've not done anything but I recieved a beta invite today, was picked for beta testing the Motorstorm Pacific Rift Demo a couple of months ago too. I do buy stuff from the PSN Store often so maybe that's why I keep getting picked for stuff now but to be honest I have no idea
  3. Currently my ringtone is X Project by DJ Fresh (BGM in the opening video for WipEout Pure) and my message tone is "Love - I Will Grasp It 1" from the Gurren Lagann OST. Both tend to vary depending on what mood I'm in, for the past 2 months my ringtone was the MGS Codec call tone and the MGS Alert sound was for my messages.
  4. It's supposed to reduce the loading times, a bit like on a pc I guess. I'm somewhat unsurprised I wasn't the only one who had a problem with the hard drive frame. It was like Sony was saying to me "Sure you can change the hard drive, if you can get it out! *evil laugh*"
  5. Just installed a 250gb hard drive into mine today. Did anyone else find that the screws holding the hard drive in the frame were ridiculously tight? Had to use a pair of pliers to loosen them in my case.
  6. Not a good idea, the computer will convice the crew to go to a planet that it says is made entirely out of cake
  7. Cool trailer, liking how the Enterprise goes into Warp and the battles look good too
  8. The GunBuster is the best figure I've had in my collection for a while. I must say if you get one be careful with the forearm/lower leg panels. I managed to break the hinge on one of them so will have to contact hlj and see if they can get me a replacement part
  9. Mine just arrived today, not tested the poses yet but it looks good
  10. Demo of Mirror's Edge appeared on the Euro PSN Store today. Looks like a good game to me, what do you guys think?
  11. £163? That's a lot of cash, gonna have to think about this hard...
  12. Damn! The levels I'll make when the game comes will be nowhere near as impressive as that
  13. Any of you guys played the demo for Bioshock? I've just been playing it and I'm so glad they bringing it to the PS3, this game is amazing!
  14. That was a seriously crappy anime. The only thing I can thank US Manga Corp for is releasing Patlabor TV on dvd (god awful dub on disc 1 aside)
  15. Well I really enjoy my 1000. Had no troubles with it, no flying UMDs or sticky square button (It's a 1st Gen JP Model) and thanks to the battery upgrade I can play it for longer than originally. I have been tempted to upgrade but I'm not sure it's worth it, I would like a better screen and faster load times so I may get a 2000 when the price drops. Right now though I don't think it's worth paying out £150 for.
  16. Most of my soundtrack is Electronica/House/Techno (containing tracks from Wip3out & Pulse, some from the original & 2097/XL to be added soon) but I decided to throw a bit of Macross Frontier into the mix. Personally I think the songs I've chosen (Seikan Hikou, Infinity & Northern Cross) work quite well, the latter 2 getting me in the mood to annihilate my opponents I also tried out "Omae no XXX Ten o Tsuke!" from the Gurren Lagann soundtrack, that works well too
  17. I've been having a hard time too with the novice AI, Studio Liverpool have definately upped the difficulty with this game However I must admit I'm enjoying the challenge and am getting better with each try. Also, I've finally found a game where I'm capable of winning online! I guess I should note I'm a BIG WipEout fan so I play the games often, including the original ps titles ^^;
  18. The Wipeout series has always had a bit of a steep learning curve in my opinion. Which time trials are you having trouble with? I've just unlocked Headrush, took a couple of attempts on the speed laps/time trials in Vertigo to get better than a bronze and it's just gonna get harder... Have you tried using EG-X? As long as you don't let go of the thrust and time use of the airbrakes on corners correctly, a gold can be acheived with relative ease By the way, if anyone feels like having a race, my username is Bappers Edit: If you're using a custom soundtrack, try racing on Sol 2 with Seikan Hikou playing
  19. The new PSP-3000 is out soon, I still have my PSP-1000 as I wasn't sure if it was worth upgrading up to the PSP-2000. Should I consider getting the new model?
  20. I don't know if I'm being dense but from what series/film/ova was Macross 11? When they showed it in this episode I couldn't see the relevence o.O
  21. In regards to WipEout HD, a lot of you were lucky. I started the downlooad of the game at 6pm on Thursday, it didn't finish until around 7am the following day. This makes me think that the European PSN server is a bit rubbish, well, either that or my dad has killed the bandwith >_<
  22. Thanks, looks like I'll need to borrow or buy another portable drive. I'm assuming any will do as long as it's not pre-formatted?
  23. Regarding installing a larger hard drive, what's the best way from transfering files from one drive to the other? Also, is it an IDE or SATA drive that the ps3 uses?
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