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  1. I'm in Japan for 2 weeks from 19th June. Me and my girlfriend will be going to Tokyo, Yokohama, Fujisawa, Kyoto, Osaka & Himeji. We'll also be going to Tokyo Disneyland and Sanrio Puroland! XD I'm brushing up on my basic conversational Japanese at the mo, I seem to know more than I did a few years ago so that's a good sign...
  2. Got this shot on my last day when I visited in 2007, these are some of the office buildings near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo The view facing me from Shibuya station, one of my favourites! Another favourite, taken from the observation deck of Tokyo Tower If you want to see the rest, here is a link to the gallery on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/83239867@N00/...57600059715927/ I happening to be going again in 1 1/2 months, I can't wait!
  3. Any chance one of you could PM me details of what happens after the credits? I didn't have time to stay and see it
  4. It's released here in Europe today, I went to an advance preview
  5. Well I have to say Iron Man 2 was a very good film. There's more dialogue than in the first and it does get a bit hectic at times in regards to the plot but it doesn't ruin the enjoyment factor
  6. I'll avoid reading those for now, off to an advance showing tomorrow so will give my personal opinion later.
  7. Probably, I'm guessing it's more powerful as well. IM2 gets released in the UK next Friday and I'm off to an advance showing on the Thursday afternoon so I'll find out then
  8. Hot Toys reveal their 3rd Iron Man 2 figure - The Mark IV Now I REALLY wish I had more money...
  9. War Machine looks amazing! I wonder if Hot Toys will be doing Mk.4, 5 and 6 figures... Not like I could afford to have all of them anyway
  10. Yeah that's best left alone... @Taksraven: No pilot/driver, just an ugly robot in general then... Perhaps an ugly robots thread should be made, I bet there's plenty I think this thread has covered all the bad mecha in existence, I could be mistaken though
  11. Just had a shipping notification from HLJ, should have mine by next week
  12. I haven't got a pic right now but does Michael Jackson's robot form in Moonwalker qualify?
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXIGP6_fNZk The brothel fight scene from "The Protector" Kajetokun's version of the same scene
  14. The best is yet to come! What chapter have you got to?
  15. Have any of you guys got the God of War III demo? I received an e-mail with a download code for it this morning
  16. Nice, it's a good game! I'm on the bonus challenges at the moment.
  17. Well I do a little bit of DJ-ing and the controller looks like it may mimic the real thing reasonably well but it's hard to judge by just looking at a picture. The buttons on the turntable look a bit funny as well, I'll definately have to try it first before I even consider buying the game.
  18. Sounds like a mic problem Jenius, I've done vocals without having to sing stupidly high. I didn't own any of the Rock Band title so for me it was a good place to start and I'll pick up RB 2 sometime in the future. On the subject of music games, what do you think DJ Hero is going to be like?
  19. Bought Beatles Rock Band & the Rickenbacker 325 controller this week. If you're a fan of music by The Beatles, this is a worthwile addition. Nice selection of songs (with more to come, soon hopefully) and the 'dreamscape' song visuals are fantastic
  20. It hasn't even been released in the UK yet... (It comes out tomorrow, got it on preorder)
  21. Dear Polyphony Digital, Where is Special Stage/Clubman Route 5? Regards, Valkyrie Nut Seriously though, I'm really enjoying GT PSP but the fact that the night tracks aren't there has kind of let me down
  22. http://www.hlj.com/product/HTT17291 I had no idea Hot Toys were doing an improved version of the Mk 3!
  23. Thanks for uploading the pics! When's this bad boy going to be released?
  24. Could someone post the pictures please, I can't view them
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