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  1. For some reason, I love the design of AV-98T Dolphin. I wonder why?
  2. Where can I order these exclusives in the US, webstore?
  3. The wife cleaned my desk and threw all flyers/trash that were on my desk including the Strike PG Manual. I know hobby search has it but it is a bit blurry. If anybody willing send theirs, please PM me.
  4. Anybody knows if this site is still open and or trustworthy?
  5. Hi, Looking for Yamato Patlabor, either Ingram 1 or 2. I only have $350 to spend. Please PM me if interested.
  6. Where in the US can I pre-order the SD kit??
  7. Does anyody know when is this coming out? Price? -d
  8. Nice.. I guess I'll settle for this one. It's cheape than the previous MP Voltron. I wish I can make one for my son for Haloween. http://theleagueofheroes.yuku.com/topic/42...WIP.html?page=2
  9. Hi Guys,\ Just want to share my new Brocken. Still not yet finished though(needs to fix a chip on the paint, courtesy of my 2 year old son) Anyways, here's the picture. After this' I'll work on Helldiver.
  10. Ooohhh...got any pics? I would love to see your SZ collection.
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