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  1. It's been 4-5 years since I have bought any MP scale figures, though the recent release of Unicron and the Studio Series 86 kind of got my itch back. So I recently picked up the Magic Square MS-01W, after getting my hands on the MP-49 Black Convoy, sort of trying out the other Prime molds in MP scale. Like many, Prime has always been my favorite character, though Ultra Magnus is a very close second, especially with the fact that he is a white Prime wearing a cool armor. Back in the days, I was awestruck when Dreamwave depicted Ultra Magnus bursting out of its armor on the comic cover art and showcased him like that in the issue battling against Shockwave. Too bad when looking at my MP-22 Ultra Magnus in my cabinet, he can't really do that. Nor is there a MP style G1 Magnus figure I know of that can do that either. So I took some time this past weekend and made this piece, sort of fill that void in the meantime, until one day our MP G1 Ultra Magnus figure can actually do the same.
  2. Very likely 3. The displayed demo GBP armors are all color matched with specific valks: 1J Hikaru with default colors, 1J Max with very blue armor, and 1S Focker with yellow and green. Quite a pain with each armor set are sold separately, yet need buyers and retails to not make any mistake on getting the correct match. So more likely they will be sold as valk + armor set package instead.
  3. Recently finished Rose of Versailles with my wife. A nice old school shojo series about Lady Oscar & the French Revolution. Not sure if you guys even heard of it (its very old from 1979), but it brought back a lot of childhood memories watching parts of it on TV when I was little, and my first exposure to one of my favorite character designers Shingo Araki & Michi Himeno (Saint Seiya). There isn't a lot of bells & whistles in the show by today's standard, and some parts of the show does feel a bit campy or dated. But it still has very good story telling (especially the 2nd half when a new director Ozama Dezaki took over), and a very good soundtrack. RightStuf recently released it in a 2-box DVD set, which is very nice. You can watch it online through viki.com (official channel) too: http://www.viki.com/tv/10630c-the-rose-of-versailles Not very often I can find anime shows I can share with my wife (Maison Ikkoku, Mushi Shi, Slam Dunk, Summer Wars, Miyazaki stuff...). Rose of Versailles became my recent new discovery, or should I say 'old' discovery.
  4. Watched it on Friday. Quite enjoyable overall, and pretty tense the whole way through. I think the best part of the movie is put you in the middle of mayhem in an outbreak and experience the chaos such event can bring, and keep you on the edge. But don't expect a lot of character building, background stories, or the WHYs and HOWs of the event. It left a lot of things unanswered, and you pretty much just follows Brad Pitt's character being inserted in the middle of the action and follow his footsteps to hope finding a cure, while hell broke loose everywhere in the world. Its a fun ride, but nothing deep nor very touching, and how it ends may seem underwhelming to some (but fine by me). I would rate it a 7.5/10.
  5. I totally agree with your comments. The film was very heartfelt at moments it needs to be, and very exciting when the action kicks in. And I really like the way this film set up superman as a 'rookie' superman so to speak. Not just in the way he needs to learn to fly, but also how he needs to deal with people and villains in such a big scale...for the very first time. People complained about his actions, the collateral damages he caused, without even thinking too much of how a person would react in those situations in a more realistic fashion. Even Superman can make mistakes, and I bet in the next movie, they will exploit a lot on this plot point. Just that many viewers didn't seem to see that being pathed for the next film, and complain about it because this Superman didn't save everyone with a charming smirk on his face like a pro. Imagine when there are 3 or more dudes that each can fight him on equal terms (or even beating him single handed), do you still think he has time to flying around and save others, when he can barely survive the fight? Would Zod and others be so kind to give him a breather and said "why don't you go help evacuate those people, we'll continue in a moment", when Zod nad company made it very clear its the humans they will take out and let Superman see to suffer. I mean, come on...be a bit realistic. Many of the complains went back to the "this is not the Superman how I imagined", therefore commented on every aspect of the film in a negative tone. And I don't see Lois is any more pointless than the Lois in the Reeves movies. In fact, she did quite a bit more in MOS, showed her professionalism as a reporter, had more respect and understanding on Clark Kent and his tormented history, and even did a good part in saving the world. So where is the logic behind the criticism of her being bad or pointless? Also, about his reaction to Pa Kent. Don't forget he just had a fight in the car with him and said something quite hurtful, which made Clark felt very bad and guilty. Would you be more submissive to what your dad says after you felt very guilty of hurting his feelings? I would. Don't get me wrong, just want to continue a friendly discussion. As I see this movie really divide the crowd to extreme sides much more so than many other films I've seen for a while. Carry on.
  6. I disagree to an extend. I re-watched Superman II the day after I watched Man of Steel, and the movie just doesn't hold up well at all. Zod's portrayal is quite comical in that film. He wants to conquer just because he is bad. He has his charm, especially at his time. But many of his lines, eye rolls, and scenes are not as menancing as you pointed out anymore. In MOS, Zod's personality & action is very tied-in to his genes and his background. He is genetically engineered to be a soldier. So he always think and act as a soldier, and always put Krypton's well being in front of anything else, and all his actions falls right in place if you think of it, til the very end. Less of a cookie cutter villain that just want to rule the world. Though I do feel that Zod in MOS didn't turn out to be a very iconic villain, be it the script or Michael Shannon's portrayal. Pretty good to get the job done IMHO, but not "best super villain I've ever seen" material.
  7. I am very suprised at how diversed the opinion about this film, and how low it scored at Rottontomatoes among the critics. While some say its edited very jumpy, I like the non-linear storytelling and flashbacks (otherwise it would feel 'been there done that' if they follow too close to previous films and shows). The back stories got both myself and my wife with teary eyes a few times, which I found very rare among superhero films. Lois Lane is also a lot smarter and thoughtful than the version we saw in previous films. But I do feel that a tad more romance build-up between her and Superman would be nice. And I do feel that the action towards the end felt a bit overloaded (maybe they can shorten the tentacle fight and focus on the last fight alone). But still gotta give them props on doing actions scenes like never done before, with such big scale of destruction and demonstration of power (makes the threat in Avengers like a cake walk). After seeing the general reactions to the film, I got curious and searched a few lengthy podcasts online reviewing the film and some with interviews with Zach Snyder & David Goyer on why they made decisions and did things the way they do, answering a lot of questions and giving reasons to why or what kind of a story they are trying to tell. In the end, I know I like this film a lot (very emotional), but now I appreciate it even more knowing some of the creative choices made behind it. And those very choices may have made some viewers uncomfortable to accept this version of Superman, even though they were very thoughtful takes on the film, rather than a shallow take on a well know character that many viewers mistook it to be. It has quite a bit of deeper themes throughout. I felt that Man Of Steel may not be as well rounded and structured as the Nolan's Batman films or Avengers, but it hit some very emotional notes and action spectacles that surpasses those in some. Maybe not the best superhero movie people are hoping for, but very highly recommended for those that has an open mind for a very new take on Superman.
  8. Thats a pretty good read actually. Pointed out more small details/discrepencies I missed from my watch. Makes me wonder what Ridley Scott and his crew's reaction was when they have to answer similar questions and criticism themselves.
  9. This is simply brilliant!!! While I am not a Alien nut, I did enjoyed the first 2 movies back then and has some expectations on Prometheus (keep reminds me of the one in Macross). As I was watching it in the theatre, the visuals are breath-taking. I don't mind the slow start either, as the beginning of an expedition can't be all that exciting or action packed. But as the story progressed and the crew start acting weird and stupid, it start to rub me in the wrong way. Pretty much all the things mentioned in this 'Honest Trailer' sumed it up. And I am thinking, is that the best Ridley Scott can do? Really?! The set up and the big premise of the whole movie is interesting. The visual is cool. It has all the techincal stuff it needs to be a great looking film. But when it comes to the characters and the finer details, the movie falls right out from an A class storytelling to some botherline B movie plot with generic cliches. Wishe it was better, since it is a movie fans waited for a long time.
  10. Need some help guys. Coming in late in the game for the DX VF-25F/S Renewals and hoping for some insights. Did they ever got a 2nd run(reissue) like the YF-29 did a couple months back? Or was the Oct 2011 (Alto) & Jan 2012 (Ozma) the only release they have so far? I am pondering on the chance of a reissue in the coming months, and see if I should secure the Armor Parts & Fast Packs now while I can and wait for their reissue. But if they already had a second run, then I may have to either go scalper price or just give them up entirely. Thanks.
  11. Don't think I have a full list, but here are a few I can think of that wasn't mentioned before: Junni Kokuki (Twelve Kingdoms) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93IbHkqRIwA Cobra (Very beautiful song - video has brief nudity, NSFW) Votoms opening is also awesome.
  12. I look forward to this, and hope it turns out good too. I had fond memories of the old TV show when I was very young. Great cartoon, and the often sexy appearance of pretty ladies always made me wonder back then if this was a show for my age. But at the same time, it was aired during after school hours (prime time for kids) everyday and it was pretty popular. Its not until many years later did I know that the version that I grew up with was a censored version. And the real deal (manga especially) is definitely not something for a 10-year-old. Good times. Great music too.
  13. My favorite is the CM's Minmay Collection, with the body from the DYRL (final battle) version, and the head swap from the DYRL (Shao Bai Long concert). That is my favorite combo, combining with the best dress and cutest face in that set.
  14. Guys, got a question for you. As I am putting my sprue pieces on my SDF-1, I noticed that out of all the light grey sprue parts, there is one that has a slightly darker light grey. Its the one that has parts 30-39 (the single light grey sprue with no doubles). The slightly darker light grey caused the screw covers to be a slight mismatch on the SDF-1 body. Do you guys get the same thing? As I can't tell if that was intentional to get a random patchy look on the panels, or did I simply get Yamatoed again with a sprue that has a slightly messed up gray.
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