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  1. Yeah, I checked out that SD Regault and it looks cool! Suposedly it's small though. Something like 3 inches? Looks alot bigger though. Quite a while back I wanted to do an SD regault for the Bandai Jokemachines and even started on some sketches. But I never got around too seriously about it for some reason. By the time I finish the VF-1 line of valks, I'll probably need to work on something like the regault. Something a bit more simple, yet fun. Valkyrietestpilot, I actually don't use CAD or any type of machinery. I wish I did because that'll definately save alot of time. Not to mention deadly accuracy. Everything that I did on the 2.0 has been hand made with measuring devices such as rulers and calipers. As far as pieces fitting together, it's not too hard to do as long as I manage to stay patient.
  2. A few members asked me if I had any production pics, I have a few shots here and there.
  3. Hey Guys, I posted up a thread in the "for sale" section for the official order list and details. If you think you're on the list, just double check to make sure. Here's the link: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=15521
  4. Thank you guys for your interest! Man, I can't believe Mechamaniac actually wants one! I was under the impression that he hated anything SD when I met this guy. Thanks The 2.0 is quite hefty and sturday. I've made enough connectors or locks on it to keep em solid in the different modes. The most solid mode is fighter, for obvious reasons. It's arms are tucked away and legs locked in at two seperate points. It is also sturdy in battroid, but can only be so sturdy as with other toys. since it's got limbs. The majority of the time spent making this was experimenting with different joint techniques. I've tested all kinds of methods and learned a great deal too. The majority of the joints (especially the legs since they carry the most weight) are tension joints from screws. They're backed with a thin styrene washer and even lubricated to protect against wear. The type of resin I used also helps prevent wear. I chose an extra hard type resin that's at least 2-3 times stronger than the typical resin I normally use. It's also slightly heavier in weight. The production version will come assembled. The entire process from casting to assembling takes me a full day to complete. The final version will have a bit more detail as well. For example, the legs will have all of the panel lines. On my official release I'll most likely post it up on the "For Sale" section which then I'll gather up all this detail and info into one post. I'll include all details in regards to this project. Here's a couple of size comparison pics next to a 1/72 vf-11b:
  5. Hey Rune, yeah. I'm going for as less painting as possible so there'll be less concerns about getting them all scratched up during transformation and/or play. But ofcourse certiain pieces need to be painted such as the head lasers since they're half white and half gray? I'll also include as much decals as possible. For example, the red stripe on the 1J head and things like that.
  6. Hello All, glad to be back! It's been quite awhile. This is some great upgrades Shawn did, thanks! Let me get back to this thread. I'll see if I can answer some questions. Oh, and thanks for the feedback! I've taken down notes for those of you who were interested. When I'm ready for the official release I'll contact via PM. My first run will be the: "Hikaru" TV version 1J (series 1) Equiped with FP's As for the cost? All I can say is it'll most likely be in the neighborhood of 115 - 130 depending on whether I can fill in enough orders for 1 set of molds for series 1 release. Here's my plan. Most likey, I'm going to keep them limited to one production run per variant. That'll give me about 25-30 qty of each (ex. Hikaru 25 qty, Max 25 qty, Millia 25 qty....etc....) As for whether or not I'll be making any other Valks, I hope so. That's why I'm only doing a single run of each variant. To keep projects moving rather than sitting on one project for too long. Anyhow, here's some FP pics!
  7. That's All for Now. Thanks for your time and sorry for the lrg number of pics.
  8. Oh yeah, excuse my decals as they indicate that this is a test dummy.
  9. ARNOLD POSE.............
  10. Yes, I forgot to mention that I'm still finishing up on Panel Lines.
  11. Sorry, the right shoulder was installed backwards so the screw is showing.
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