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    Macross figures

    I have not received any communication from them, so I took it upon myself to reply to the original preorder confirmation email and send a message through their website. Now, after 1.5 years, to wait some more...
  2. Phew! Thank heavens for another easy, regret free, pass; never cared for the WacDonalds clown of Valkyries... great news for those who do like it though. Saving my pennies for the VF-5000G.
  3. They should do The Iceman as well, to go with The Maverik; after all, 90+% of the work would already be done... it's a no-brainer. BTW, went on their site and the figure isn't listed for preorder, yet. I WILL NOT do Fakebook.
  4. They're also likely trying to tie her to perfecting what would eventually become Snoke and the sequel trilogy, which, in my opinion, would be a bad idea; regardless, the studio is dead set on legitimizing that trainwreck, so my opinion, and that of millions of fans, is irrelevant.
  5. Yeah, he's on the money. Other than The Bad Batch (I've read that Andor was good too, but it didn't attract enough viewers to justify its existence... bad timing following crap like BoBF and Kenobi), everything post TLJ has cultivated one singular outcome: apathy from the majority of long term fans, and failure to attract, in any significant numbers, the "modern audience" (individuals who, by and large, care nothing for the franchise past their Twitter echo chambers, and don't buy merchandize) that they've been obsessed in securing since Disney acquired Lucas Film. Quite an anti-achievement, actually... to turn a license to print money cultural phenomenon into a moribund streaming service content with ever diminishing returns.
  6. Yeah, as they say: hunger is the best sauce... Star Trek fans have been starved of anything edible for so long that even a reheated bowl of instant ramen will look and taste like a feast.
  7. 100% This! He was also one of the duo (double the hackery) who wrote Solo, and we all know how that money losing stinker turned out. His parsing of the cancellation as an extended, pie in the sky hiatus, just strikes of heavy doses of copium and hopium being injected directly into the bloodstream... lots of that going around.
  8. I'd hazard to say that fans of the now classic movie -- its characters, story, and quality -- are the true winners.
  9. You don't want to corrupt the favorable memory of what TNG became by the end with NewTrek... leave that stuff for dead last.
  10. This!... Inquiring minds want need to know.
  11. They also look backwardly anachronistic... as though the shipwrights and engineers had suddenly adopted a nostalgic late 23rd century design ethos. It just does not jive with the aesthetic progression one would expect or that makes sense.
  12. An thus CN retains its ignominious title of The Reigning CalArts Network/Dumping Ground...
  13. If the idea of a Alien series had been announced in the late 90s, early 2000s -- heck, maybe even as late as 1st 3rd of the 2010s, I would've been very excited for the prospect of it; however, with the absolute dearth of creativity and talent among writers and producers since the middle of the last decade -- to say nothing of how these same individuals handle just about every franchise they touch as platforms first and entertainment/escapism dead last, I'm far less sanguine on this being anywhere near passable, let alone good. Here's hoping that I'm dead wrong; alas...
  14. I placed my preorder on the 5th and got charged the very next day; must've been a weekend related delay thing. I'm sure the charge would've been assessed the same day if it had been any week day, instead. It's all good, and a very miniscule upfront fee to secure what appears to be the absolute best deal around.
  15. I did not ask for your permission, but I thank you all the same.
  16. I don't begrudge anyone who is looking forward to this, but anything that has even a tangential involvement by Seth Rogan is a no-brainer hard pass in my book.
  17. It wasn't there, that I noticed, when I placed my preorder, and I haven't been charged, yet, any deposit... maybe I got in before its implementation. Either way, it's less deposit than I've seen elsewhere, and their price + shipping ($0.00) is unbeatable for this release, so it's all good. Edit: Well, damn... chimed in too soon. I just got the $15.00 deposit charged to my PayPal. ...
  18. Niche market + Inflation at every step of production + Lack of Economy of Scale (lower production runs) + Amortization + Desirability to consumers + It's a luxury mostly meant for collectors (nobody needs these things) + Knowing the buyers are willing to fork over the mullah + Retailer Profit Margins + additional factors others are more than welcome to contribute or elaborate = Exorbitant Prices (individual perspective/means dependent)
  19. ^ Thanks for posting that. I wasn't planning on getting one at the prices I had seen up until this, and with the free shipping too, so I took the plunge; plus, given the lead time until the item is released and ready for them to request payment and ship, there will be plenty of time to save up for it. Edit: Too bad I could not find the Hi Metal R Orguss there as well...
  20. Characters are only as good/interesting as the people writing them; that most of Discovery's characters were miserable drecks, and the main protagonist a loathsome one, speaks volumes about those penning the scripts and producing the show... garbage in, garbage out.
  21. There is a definite growing trend in the age of social media/current year: more and more people are mostly, or completely, disinterested in appreciating masterful paintings that awe and inspire -- heck, a lot actively deride such works as "problematic" -- and instead gravitate towards staring at a mirror and calling it high art...
  22. About time that grotesque insult to Gene Rodenberry's legacy, long-time fans, and everything Trek produced prior to this atrocity to intelligence and good taste, is finally being put out to pasture to languish unwatched and forgotten forevermore, same goes for ST-PukeHard. Too bad both these abominations can't be fully excised from existence... ignominy and indifference will have to suffice; unfortunately, the brand and live-franchise damage will long outlast them -- interesting that as currently overseen, same with Star Wars, for the most part, the only productions with even a modicum of competence, narrative quality and legacy integrity are the toons.
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