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  1. No amount of cogent criticism will dissuade anyone invested in this train wreck of a show and that's not the intent anyway... people are more than free to enjoy crap, so hilarious mocking memes that speak volumes with a single line or nothing but an image will not only suffice, they will thrive and drive the shills and the sycophants bonkers because they have no relevant comeback or sense of humor.
  2. Along with "There's a tempest in me", her toothy horse ride, and now Halbrand/Sauron's wig, have become representative memes of just how much there is wrong, and is wrong, with this series. Pointing out her chompers, in truth, isn't actually about her teeth; if the series were good and reverent of Tolkien and the fans, nobody would care.
  3. What, you don't like glowing antifreeze lemon yellow???... me neither...
  4. If they had added an "ending" it would be the farthest thing from perfect... we've been witness to far too many examples to expect otherwise; they would've butchered it and it wouldn't have been Shogun. It would've been some hybrid mockery of what the author put to paper. Again, faithfully adapt the source as they did, to their credit, or leave it alone and create something original in no way associated with the works of others... something most modern screenwriters, producers and directors are terrible at, or incapable of, doing.
  5. I felt the same way when I watched the original miniseries but I've come to realize that adherence to the source material, even if it feels unfinished -- as the original author intended, is infinitely preferable to having adapting screenwriters, producers and directors make stuff up to fill in gaps or add (ultimately) dumbed down resolutions to tie up things with a "neat" little bow... that never works to anyone's satisfaction and invariably cheapens -- too many examples of this, sadly, as it always comes across as the midgets standing on the shoulders of giants arrogantly believing they know better -- the entire effort involved, especially that of the original author. In essence, be faithful to the source, within the constraints of the medium chosen, or don't do it at all.
  6. A Nikick?... awesome! Bring on the Ishkicks, Ishforn and Bronco too.
  7. At least two decades too soon. Oh boy, are we dating ourselves or what?...
  8. ^^ It exists. "Real" -- as in: accepted -- is up for debate depending on one's "certain point of view"...
  9. I liked that they left it open ended enough that it can work with having the entire endeavor end or proceed eventually, depending on your own head canon. So, if you like the Disney Trilogy, then the events of the last episode were just a setback; if you consider the Rey Palpatine "saga" a complete travesty and abomination, then project necromancer hit a dead end after all the records were destroyed and that was that, relegating that whole sequels shenanigans as nothing more significant than poorly conceived and written fan-fiction relegated to irrelevancy... I rather prefer the second option myself.
  10. On one of the 5.25" ones, at that...
  11. If there's one thing I've learned from the multi-year (~ 4 yrs ) delay on the Dana figure is to never preorder anything directly from them. It is best to go through a e-tailer like BBTS so you can just forget about it until/if the item is released and be charged then, instead of having your money tied up "forever".
  12. Dinheiro... Deus sabe que Disney precisa um monte pra compensar pellas varias bombas que vem produzindo ultimamente. A pergunta mais importante é: Porque uma pessoa com qualquer senso de gosto gastaria bom dinheiro pra ver porcaria irrelevante que é nada mais que um pega-dinheiro cínico.
  13. Even Marvel Jesus won't be able to wash the crud off the feet of the upcoming Captain America (without Captain America) movie or Blade, nor every other piece of celluloid cringe that Disney/Feige -- or Sony, for that matter: Morbius, Madame Web, Craven... -- has in store for the post Endgame moribund MCU. Will there be individual successes? Sure, but the post Perlmutter Marvel is a rudderless ship at best, a sinking one at worst.
  14. Well, the alternative would be for the show's producers and writers to pull a GoT season 8 and just make stuff up; thereby guaranteeing that they bollocks thing up and end up pleasing almost no one. That they respected and adhered to the source material is a glowing testament to their restraint and deference to the book's author... a rare and commendable thing this day and age.
  15. All the episodes are available HERE (it's a legit site), as well as a plethora of other animation shows, old and new, Toons, anime and everything in between.
  16. Only by modern, low episode count, standards; if compared to everything up to Enterprise with their 22-26 episodes per season, without taking episode run-time into account, Lower Decks amounts to a 2-2.5 year mission. Now, if specifically stated in-show that five years have elapsed since the events of the premier episode I'll retract my assertion and concede the point.
  17. That looked really nice but, much like SH Figuarts' Fey Valentine, Figma's BGC figures are highly rarified vaporware. Too bad, really... Figma 1/12 would put Yamato's 1/15 renditions, and Atelier Sai's for that matter, to shame.
  18. Same. Wake me up when the Blazers, maybe even the P, are officially announced...
  19. 3D printing companies like Shapeways, Universities/Technical Colleges, Friends...
  20. Beetlejuice-Adam's Family cross over?... I know it isn't but seeing Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) in the group image immediately brought it to mind. Heck, both occupy pretty much the exact same genre and would mesh well with each other.
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