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  1. Here's the unboxing (photo spam incoming): The toy box is an outer sleeve and inner window box affair. The crush damage can be clearly seen once the shrink-wrap is removed. Happy to report that the inner plastic trays seem to have done their job. Top tray and bottom tray sporting their contents. And here is the big guy Hi folks!...
  2. Well, my Ultramarines Primaris Intercessor figure arrived today. Props to Games Workshop for the fast shipping, but definitely a few demerits for utilizing too small a shipper box for the size of the item and zero cushioning (no airbags, no packing peanuts, not even crumpled newspaper), leading to this crush damage: It's not horrendous, but still a bit frustrating and disappointing. Oh well, as long as the item inside is intact...
  3. Games Workshop sent me a shipping notice that mine's been shipped, to US, with a scheduled delivery date of 5/11... they sent it via FedEx at no additional cost even though I chose the free shipping option. With the whole coof situation I expected this to experience severe delays in both release and shipping, so I'm pleasantly surprised.
  4. ^ Maybe your resident poltergeist just really dislikes the Miranda Class and its variants...
  5. mechaninac

    Hi-Metal R

    Hell YES for a VF-2JA or two, and even a Faerie Squadron VF-2SS. As for the Metal Siren, I'm not keen on the design -- I find it rather ugly, actually -- but I would buy one just for the sake of completion... the Destdroids from M2 would be really cool too, but we have a better chance of liquid water on the moon at this point. Also agree with your other wishes, but alas...
  6. ^That's not the fault of the comment(er), but a reflection of just how pervasive that particular crap is nowadays... once bitten, twice shy. It's the sad and disappointing reality of current "entertainment" that one can't look at anything that comes out in this new paradigm without a major dose of skepticism and weariness. Edit: That being said, this does seem to have the classic vibe going. It may end up being a case of putting its best foot forward in preparation for a major bait and switch, but, personally, I'm cautiously optimistic.
  7. I did like the fact that they ended up exactly where they started as well; it was refreshingly contrary to current year narrative tropes.
  8. This latest episode... so many face palming moments, but in a good "you did what?!!!", "that was stupid" and "oh crap!" way.
  9. I like that theory... They stared into the abyss. It stared back. And they went mad from the experience.
  10. Meh! When the Studio changes the title of a movie, in a panic, after its release, you know it's a dud... if not an outright dumpster fire. Birds of Prey: The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn ... really? Who was the Mensa luminary who came up with that pile of garbage and thought is rolled off the tongue and actually improved things?...
  11. couldn't find the Rebels thread so I figured this was a good place to post this positive tidbit of possible news...
  12. Wow!... bohemian douche bag Picard, zoot suit pimp (professor Farnsworth did it better), and a bipedal turd... or a poor homage to Sloth... --//-- Enterprise actually had a couple of pretty good "dress up like the locals to blend in and avoid discovery/contamination" episodes, too: North Star, the episode where they encounter 19th century cowboys who turned the tables on their Skagaran captors, and Carbon Creek, where it is a crew of stranded Vulcans who must go incognito in 20th Century America after their survey ship crashes (my personal favorite episode of the STE series)... there are a couple others, but these were the most memorable/outstanding ones.
  13. It looks kind of like a forced perspective figure where the observer, being the same size as the subject, has his head on the ground, near the feet, looking up. It looks goofy as all hell.
  14. ^ Also as Pappy Boyington in the Black Sheep Squadron/Baa Baa Black Sheep... RIP.
  15. The ~ 12" version would be much more in keeping with established relative sizes of the pre JJ make-it-larger-beyond-all-reason-and-precedent mentality, if one ignores the stated 1:2500 scale.
  16. ^ Oh, boy... if even half of your observations/complaints are even partly on the money, and I have no reason to believe that they aren't, STP is a fan-fic train wreck of a bad joke, made all the more pathetic by the incompetence of everyone involved in bringing this abhorrent mess to fruition.
  17. Ooh, I might get the kit; although, I will NOT be calling it Enterprise... I'll shoehorn the design as a contemporary of the Enterprise B or something -- akin to a homage design that saw limited use well after the A and it's sister ships were decommissioned/mothballed/dismantled -- instead of accepting as a TOS era Constitution class.
  18. 103! Now, THAT is what I call staying power. We should all enjoy such longevity. Godspeed Spartacus.
  19. It's completely clear, when applied and after it's cured. As for Mr. Hobby; it looks like a perfectly viable alternative, bu I've never tried it myself.
  20. Come on now, we all know that quitting in a huff because you don't get your way, just the way you want it, and then bitching and moaning afterwards, to later make a complete ass and sanctimonious nuisance of yourself in complete contradiction of past dignity is so much more mature than what you've posited...
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