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  1. is there an app or site that does the equivalent of ebay's saved searches (ie. sends you emails if any auctions come up matching your search terms)? i know buyee and other proxy sites allow you to watchlist auctions, but that's after you've already searched for and found an auction to monitor. what i'm looking for is one that searches daily using my search terms and emails me the results.
  2. princess principal. wow. i did not expect that. hooked me on the first ep. will be watching.
  3. could've been color-balanced in post processing
  4. eh? i thought these were non-transformable?
  5. Chara-Works Macross Valkyrie Collection https://hlj.com/product/HAP81075
  6. PO'd at NY 58180 yen shipped. i'm such a sucker for the SDF. triple-dipped (sort of) now after the Yamato toy and the Yamato assembly kit. fortunately the first two were when HLJ had them discounted.
  7. i've been looking on and off since a year or so for the metallic foil version of this one, but haven't found one for a good price
  8. first time in NZ two weeks ago. definitely won't be the last. you Kiwis are blessed with majestic scenery!
  9. lol, don't know what happened there. it's my first time using google photos. here's the link to the album including more pics than posted above, but unfortunately, also a number of duplicates as well that i haven't edited out yet https://goo.gl/photos/46A3VKVrVunxtzhC6
  10. they were for sale. the Kaitos was 9k yen, the ARMDs was 3.5k and the Oberths were 3.5k yen a pair. they looked a bit crude and under-detailed though compared to what's on offer on other tables. in hindsight though, i probably should've just bought them anyway. i blame it on being tired and hungry.
  11. they sure are i just bought them since i vaguely recall another member here wanted them. can't remember who though. they're growing on me so having second thoughts about selling them off. but maybe once i account for all the trip expenses i'll end up letting them go a bit disappointed though since this is all Experten had for sale. last winter they had more stuff, including the VF-25 Paladin, but i was already out of cash by then. this time i had the cash but not as much stuff to buy. having seen WF winter last Feb and now WF summer this July, my impression is that the winter event is bigger. hope other members can chime in if that's true or not in their experience. i'm trying to decide which one to attend in 2018.
  12. uh-oh. already placed an order at KL's website some time ago for the Hikaru, er, Rick version. a month or so ago, a local store opened a PO for a VF-1A Max cockpit but the picture was of Rick's VF-1J. the price was a bit higher than on KL's website, but this one is already the imported price so i stand to save some on shipping (and customs tax). the store staff couldn't confirm if their PO was indeed for Max, but i gambled it would actually be Rick's (since there was no news of a Max at the time) and placed an order. i was planning to sell my KL PO to whoever would want to assume the balance, and recoup my deposit. now it's confirmed there is indeed a Max version, i'm kinda tempted to keep both POs but my rational brain is telling me that is just crazy. hmmm, which one to keep? decisions, decisions..
  13. 10 mins counting down. Any MW members attending?
  14. has Arcadia ever sold anything during their previous appearances at Wonfes? contemplating whether to PO at NY or pick up one at the Arcadia booth when i go to Wonfes this July
  15. succumbed to "crab mentality". my first gen crabs are telling me they need more brothers. how many more are available for order, cap?
  16. that's net of the 10% members' discount. P25K PO price, 5K down, 10% off total applies on arrival if cash. another 2% if arrival coincides with one of his (increasingly) frequent promos. they've closed down the Shoppesville store last week and are moving to V-mall, so i helped myself to a number of items that were 25% off. drooling yet? if only his valk pricing policy was the same... i usually come in early to get parking so i've only talked to him a couple of times, and never really introduced myself. he probably doesn't know i have at least a dozen PO slips at any one time.
  17. when i got my DX Mazinger i thought the DX designation was for the "deluxe" extras, ie. hangar base and removable body panels. for some reason i just chalked up the height difference with other SOCs due to Mazinger being bigger canon-wise. now i know better. PO'd Combattler locally for $460. got curious about the scale, and it seems 35cm works out to 1/160 scale. should be a lot of fun for N-scale (1/150) dioramas
  18. i'll keep an eye out. heading to GH tomorrow to pick up POs from Great Toys. i think the store beside it (not Wasabi, the other one) had a Stryder. i remember i was pissed because it was 2k cheaper than what i paid at PG. sorry, not selling my Stryder. i might consider a trade though for an XM Studios Magneto or Weta's Argonath
  19. got my Stryder from Greenhills. as recent as a few weeks ago i still saw one, Play Giant IIRC on the fence about Ogre. the design just seems too "familiar". if ever they continue this line with Titanfall2, i might bite again
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